44 Amazon Products With 5-Star Ratings That Are Just So Good At What They Do

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Everywhere you turn there are products claiming to be the best. Even savvy shoppers can get confused and spend way too much on tools and devices that turn out to be duds — but this list of Amazon products with five-star ratings cuts out the possibility of wasting your money on beauty products and kitchen tools that'll end up in the trash. These products have won over thousands of happy Amazon customers, and there's a good chance they'll become your new favorites, too.

Maybe you're searching for a skin mask that will actually make blackheads disappear instead of just smelling nice. Or perhaps you've decided you're never letting another nasty cleaning chemical into your life again, but are struggling to find genius cleaning inventions that will rid your house of dust without kicking up your allergies. Whether you desperately need a back massage but can't afford to hire a personal masseuse, or you really want to find a way to wash sharp knives without slicing your finger, this list includes products that do everything — and have the highest ratings possible to prove it.

As we know, Amazon reviewers aren't shy when it comes to telling it like it is: and they all agree that these products are top-notch because they do exactly what they claim.

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