25 Genius Inventions That Will Make Cleaning Oddly Fun

The world is divided into two groups: those who would do anything to avoid cleaning day and those who derive immense pleasure in removing dust from furniture or unclogging a hair-blocked drain. No matter which group you identify with, these genius inventions that will make cleaning oddly fun can and will transform cleaning from a thing you have to do to a thing you love doing — or at least hate doing a lot less.

Thanks to modern technology and a few genius minds, no chore is such a chore anymore. If stepping into your bathroom or kitchen is enough to make you question whether tile is supposed to look that color, or you're wondering how long you can go before addressing nacho cheese drippings on your stovetop, it's time to face the music. Does that mean you have to cancel your plans to scrub every inch of your home? Nope. The right gadgets — including these emoji smile sponges, a cute microwave oven cleaner, and dust-collecting balls your cat will love — can take care of annoying cleaning problems in no time.

Most of these cleaning inventions will save you time, give you your Sunday back, and can even save you money by offering reusable devices that will last. We're all in the same boat when it comes to cleaning our rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces — it sucks, but it has to get done. Why not make it as fun as possible with these 25 cleaning tools and solutions?

Entertainment — 25 Genius Inventions That Will Make Cleaning Oddly Fun

1. A Powerful Tool That Sucks Hair Right Out Of Any Drain

BAAM! Drain Blaster Cleaner, $22, Amazon

Cleaning out toilets and drains is the least glamorous of all household cleaning jobs. But it's about to become a lot less gross, thanks to this amazing drain blaster cleaner, which uses air and suction (read: no chemicals) to unclog drains, tubs, and even toilet bowls. Just insert it, pump, pull a trigger, and lift food and hair out right away. A reviewer even writes: "Messing with a slow drain is not what I normally do for fun, but this was fun...It really works great."


2. A Tile Scrub Brush That Rotates 300 Times Per Minute

Hurricane Spin Scrubber, $45, Amazon

There's a way better way to handle soap scum, calcium deposits, and mildew now: this cordless Hurricane Spin Scrubber rotates 300 times per minute, and gets into cracks and crevices that are otherwise difficult to clean. It comes with three brush heads that tackle things like tile floors and more detailed work around your sinks or in corners, a charger, and a mesh storage bag. It can be used outside, too, and the longer handle makes it easy to do without having to bend over.


3. A Versatile Scratch-Free Sponge That Cleans Every Surface Imaginable

Scratch Free Scrub Daddy, $14 (Pack of 4), Amazon

Don't be fooled by the Scrub Daddy's adorable emoji smile — this multipurpose sponge is a majorly effective scrubber that, when dry, gets every bit of stuck-on gunk on pans. It even works on wood, plastic, copper, stainless steel, and more — all without scratching surfaces. Then, hold it under warm water for a few seconds and it gently and effectively removes the rest. Best of all, the eye holes and smile are meant to easily clean utensils.


4. An Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner That Cleans Without Chemicals

Topist Angry Mama Microwave Oven Cleaner, $9, Amazon

This hilarious angry mama will clean every bit of your dirty microwave. Twist off her head (sorry, mama), add white vinegar and water to it, pop it in the microwave for 7 minutes, and allow the chemical-free steam to loosen stubborn food particles inside your microwave. From there, clean up is a cinch: spills and stains should wipe off with one sweep of a paper towel. You can even add lemon juice to impart a pleasant scent to the cleaning experience.


5. A Colorful Cleaning Ball That Doubles As A Pet Toy

Luckstar Automatic Rolling Ball Electric Cleaner, $16, Amazon

It's the cleaning tool that will become an obsession for both you and your cat. These automatic electric rolling balls have an internal timer that directs them to roll around every 15 minutes collecting dust, debris, and pet hair from surfaces and hidden nooks in between furniture. You'll get four colored balls, all of which can be washed and reused — and that can easily double as the most perfect pet toys in the world.


6. A Magnetic Scrubber That Polishes Glass Items Without Scratching Them

Cuisipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber, $10, Amazon

At last, an answer to the age-old question: how in the world do I clean that wine decanter I bought to be fancy? This magnetic spot scrubber cleans glass without scratching or cracking it and it can be used for annoying spots you find on the inside of soiled glass vases. Place the scrubber inside whatever glass item you're trying to clean and align the magnetic handle from the outside — it works like magic.


7. These Screen Cleaning Balls That Get Rid Of Smudges And Polish Tech Devices

Screen Cleaning Ball, $9 (Pack of 3), Amazon

Remove fingerprint, smudges, and dust from any computer, tablet, or phone screen with these double-sided screen cleaning balls, which are easy to grasp and use. The microfiber portion of the ball removes spots and prints, while the ultra-fine pad shines and polishes screens. They're washable, portable, and reusable.


8. A Quiet Robot Vacuum That Picks Up Pet Hair

Ecovacs Deebot Robot Vacuum Cleaner, $180, Amazon

It has an unparalleled reputation as one of the quietest robot vacuums on the market, and this model is also the one that will go the distance: it has a battery that provides up to 110 minutes of cleaning before it requires charging. It successfully picks up pet hair and has infrared sensors that avoid stairs and furniture. Program it to clean each day at a certain time and make plans to relax and read a book or catch up on Netflix at the same time. It works on thin carpet, hardwood, and tile, and one reviewer writes: "I cannot believe how much this little thing picks up when the floor doesn't even look dirty!"


9. A Squeegee Broom That Can Wash Windows And Pick Up Pet Hair

FURemover Broom With Squeegee, $20, Amazon

This broom goes where no other broom dares to go: the natural rubber bristles actually attract and remove pet hair from carpet, tile, wood, and linoleum without scratching floors. And the fun doesn't stop there. It has a built-in rubber squeegee that cleans windows and takes care of liquid spills. But, how are you expected to reach high windows (you may be asking yourself)? No worries: this broom has a telescopic pole that extends from 36 to 60 inches.


10. A Squeegee And Microfiber Window Washing Tool

Mr. Siga Window Cleaning Combo, $14, Amazon

Are you one of the gazillion people (not a science-based number) who skip windows when cleaning their homes because, seriously, how are you expected to reach up and wash windows? Those days are over when you own this squeegee and microfiber window washer, which has a telescopic pole and makes it possible to wash and dry windows to a crystal-clear finish. This combo brush also works cleaning miracles on glass shower doors and car windows.


11. These Tiny Stainless Steel Beads That Clean Bottles And Decanters

Riedel Bottle Cleaner Beads, $7, Amazon

These bottle cleaner beads are small, stainless steel beads that are added to water in a decanter or bottle. Swoosh the mixture for two minutes, remove the beads and water with the help of a mesh strainer, and that's all there is to it — you're left with a bottle that's free of stains, dirt, and residue. Rinse the beads and dry and store them to be reused. They're brilliant, and one reviewer writes: "These little guys work great, even with just soapy water."


12. A Handheld Pressurized Steamer To Cut Through Grease And Kill Germs

Marsboy Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner, $30, Amazon

Fill this handheld pressurized steam cleaner with water and wait 60 seconds — that's how fast it heats up. From there, you have up to 20 minutes worth of chemical-free steam cleansing action at your disposal and you can unleash that power anywhere — it will cut through grease on kitchen stoves, free up mold and grout in the bathroom, and powerwash pretty much everything you're too afraid to clean.


13. A Silicone Bottle Cleaner With A Super-Long 12-Inch Handle

AmeriGoods Silicone Bottle Cleaning Brush, $13, Amazon

Made with food-grade silicone and safe to wash in your dishwasher, this bottle cleaning brush is safe and effective at removing germs and food particles from water bottles, Thermoses, and any long or narrow-necked bottle. It has an ergonomic, foot-long handle, which means it will pretty much fit inside any bottle you've got.


14. A Phone Sanitizer That Obliterates Germs With UV Light Technology

Yasolote Smart Phone Sanitizer, $35, Amazon

We don't even want to think about how many germs are crawling on our phones right now — and we won't have to think about them when we use this phone sanitizer to kill bacteria and germs on any smartphone. Using UV technology, this sanitizer can get any phone clean in just 6 minutes — and it can be used for jewelry, keys, earphones, and more. It even has a unique aromatherapy function: add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to an aromatherapy inlet and it provides a soothing steam that makes your device smell incredible.


15. A Vacuum With An Eye That Sucks Up Dirt And Debris And Keeps Floors Clean

Eye Vac Home Touchless Vacuum, $99, Amazon

Keep one of these touchless vacuums on your kitchen floor (or den or living room) and it will continuously suck up dirt, pet hair, and debris from its surroundings so that your floor stays clean. If something spills, a quick sweep with a broom in the direction of this powerful vacuum is all you need to do — it takes care of the rest by suctioning up particles and dust. You can choose between manual mode that lets you control when you have it on, or an "always on" automatic activation.


16. Microfiber Slippers That Clean While You Walk

Slipper Genie, $11, Amazon

Slip on these Slipper Genie microfiber slippers in the morning, stroll to the kitchen to make coffee, and unknowingly collect hair, dust, and dirt by simply walking in them. These open-toe slippers come in four colors and a variety of sizes, are safe to use on all floor surfaces, and feature a removable velcro pad that attaches to a cleaning pad.


17. An Air Purifier And Humidifier With A Soothing Blue LED Light

EcoGecko Little Squirt Air Cleaner, $20, Amazon

Purify the air in any room in your house with this air deodorizer, which relies on waterwash technology to clean air and release fresh, humidified air back into your home. It also provides a subtle hint of aroma oil to set a relaxing tone. You'll know it's working when you see its serene blue LED light and whirlpool action kick in.


18. A Ladybug Mini Vacuum That Can Handle Crumbs

Ladybug Mini Desktop Vacuum, $9, Amazon

Keep this portable ladybug mini vacuum on your desk at work or even in your car (anywhere you like to get your snack on). It sweeps up crumbs and dust from surfaces with a more powerful suction that you might think and even works on keyboards. It's easy to open and clean and comes in red or green, and one reviewer raves: "I love how convenient it is! Makes my life just a little bit easier and allows me to be just a little bit lazier."


19. A Retractable Lint Roller That Covers Your Entire Back For Once

Flint Reusable Lint Roller, $10, Amazon

There's only one way to make a lint roller even more useful: design a retractable lint roller that extends to 9 inches and covers your back or front in one swoop — and make sure it's reusable. This roller can be refilled with multi-use high-quality sheets made from Japanese paper (in different colors) that last about 30 uses each. Reviewers love how portable and convenient this is to keep in a bag or purse.


20. Scrubbing And Washing Gloves For Pots, Pans, And Dishes

Oxgord Cleaning Gloves, $8, Amazon

For anyone who can't resist going all in on a dirty pot and picking at it with your fingernails (even though your poor nails are begging you to stop), these cleaning gloves are for you. One is for scrubbing and the other is for washing — but both flock-lined latex gloves will effectively remove grime from pots and dishes without requiring a sponge or messing up your manicure.


21. A Soap-Dispensing Dish Brush With A Dual-Ended Brush And Scraper

OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Dish Brush, $9, Amazon

Kill two cleaning birds with one stone with this soap dispensing dish brush. Fill it with dish soap, press a button as you're washing dishes, and it squirts just enough soap to remove dirt and residue. Unlike sponges, the non-abrasive nylon brush head cuts through grease on non-sticking cooking pots and pans, and a scraper on the backside even lifts up caked-on food.


22. A Money-Saving Pump That Turns Liquid Soap Into Foam

Cuisipro Foam Pump, $15, Amazon

Turn any liquid soap into foam with this genius foam pump, and save money by reducing your soap usage by up to 75 percent. A non-aerosol pump prevents clogs from forming, it has a suction cup bottom that won't slip and slide and stays beside your sink, and you can pop this into the top rack of the dishwasher for an occasional clean.


23. A Natural Wrinkle-Releasing Spray That May Make Your Iron Obsolete

Cold Iron Wrinkle Release Spray, $15, Amazon

This plant-based wrinkle release spray is a chemical-free and a time-saving alternative to starch sprays and ironing. Spray it onto wrinkled fabric and wait 10 minutes for it to dry. Stiffer materials may be difficult to treat, but many thin cottons and fabrics will respond like magic to this spray — and it provides a light citrus-mint scent that makes clothing smell laundry fresh.


24. A Durable Cast Iron Cleaner Shaped Like A Circle

Cast Iron Cleaner, $19, Amazon

An ergonomic, circular cast iron cleaner, this chain mail scrubber can be used on stainless steel, copper, cast iron, Pyrex, and other non-coated cookware. Use it on your grill, stovetop, or oven — it requires nothing more than hot water to activate its cleaning powers and you'll find yourself re-using it for years.


25. A Bacteria-Resistant Cleaning Brush Made With 5,000 Silicone Bristles

Kuhn Rikon Stay Clean Silicone Scrubber, $7, Amazon

With more than 5,000 food grade safe silicone bristles, this scrubbing brush can be used to clean a number of different surfaces, as well as non-stick cookware. It dries super fast — much faster than conventional sponges — which means there's less of a chance that it will collect bacteria. Pop it in the dishwasher when necessary, and don't worry about using it on your stove — it can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees.

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