25 Genius Inventions That Will Make Cleaning Oddly Fun

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The world is divided into two groups: those who would do anything to avoid cleaning day and those who derive immense pleasure in removing dust from furniture or unclogging a hair-blocked drain. No matter which group you identify with, these genius inventions that will make cleaning oddly fun can and will transform cleaning from a thing you have to do to a thing you love doing — or at least hate doing a lot less.

Thanks to modern technology and a few genius minds, no chore is such a chore anymore. If stepping into your bathroom or kitchen is enough to make you question whether tile is supposed to look that color, or you're wondering how long you can go before addressing nacho cheese drippings on your stovetop, it's time to face the music. Does that mean you have to cancel your plans to scrub every inch of your home? Nope. The right gadgets — including these emoji smile sponges, a cute microwave oven cleaner, and dust-collecting balls your cat will love — can take care of annoying cleaning problems in no time.

Most of these cleaning inventions will save you time, give you your Sunday back, and can even save you money by offering reusable devices that will last. We're all in the same boat when it comes to cleaning our rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces — it sucks, but it has to get done. Why not make it as fun as possible with these 25 cleaning tools and solutions?

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