40 Problem-Solving Products On Amazon To Combat Mercury In Retrograde's BS

By Maria Cassano
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The sun is warm. The days are long, and there's ample time for beach novels and fire pits with friends. Then Mercury comes along to screw it all up. Or, rather, Mercury moves away to screw it all up, so it's a good thing there are genius products on Amazon that'll make you feel better inside and out during all the retrograde chaos.

If you've been noticing some unnecessary drama or an overwhelming influx of the ego, it might be because Mercury could be in retrograde. It could also manifest itself in poor communication, bad moods, and those cursed days where nothing seems to be going right. (Personally, I've burned my arm on my curling iron three times this week, and that's three times more than usual.)

First thing's first: find out what Mercury retrograde means for you. After that, you can start building up your arsenal of feel-good activities, problem-solving products, and amazing self-care items to keep your mind and your mood on the right path. So here are some awesome, practical items you can use to keep Mercury from ruining you this time around — and since the retrograde happens three or four times a year, you'll find yourself reaching for them whenever the planets start messing with you from here on out.

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