Amazon Has Tons of Problem-Solving Products Under $10 — And They Are Glorious

If I told you that you could change your life for under $10, would you believe me? (And before you ask — no, this isn't a motivational speech or pyramid scheme.) Okay, well, prepare to become a believer, because these problem-solving products on Amazon are guaranteed life-changers. They might not change your life in the sense of getting all your college debt paid off or finding the job of your dreams — but they will make some of the more annoying parts of your life just a little more manageable, and in some cases — downright delightful.

These products all aim to solve life's little problems so you can move through your day without extra stress. For example, did you know that there are blister cushions specifically designed for strappy heels? Or that a Bluetooth tracker can keep you from losing your keys again for the gazillionth time? Or that there's a way to legitimately refresh your clothes in between laundry days?

So if you thought there were certain annoyances in life that you just have to put up with, I've got great news — there's a problem-solving product to fix just about anything. And yep — you can do it for under $10.

Fashion — Amazon Has Tons of Problem-Solving Products Under $10 — And They Are Glorious

1. These Bra Strap Cushions To Keep Slipping At Bay

GreenOlive Bra Strap Cushions, $11, Amazon

Bra straps that fall off your shoulders, or worse — bra straps that dig into your shoulders — are the most annoying (and painful) aspects of bra-wearing. These bra strap cushions aim to solve all that. Made out of silicone, these waterproof and washable cushions fit right underneath your bra strap. Not only will your bra straps stay in place all day, they also won't cause tender shoulder indentations. And they come in four different colors, so you can blend them in seamlessly with your bra.


2. This Repair Tape That's 100 Times Stronger Than Duct Tape

FiberFix Repair Tape, $8, Amazon

They say duct tape fixes anything, but like, this Fiber Fix Repair Tape really fixes anything. It's super strong, durable and waterproof. You can use it on pipes and gardening tools, like shovels and hoses. (Say what?) So how do you use it? Just put on a pair of gloves, soak the tape in water, and apply it to the broken, torn, or cracked surface. Let it set for 10 minutes and your broken item is basically good as new.


3. A Handle For Lifting Up Toilet Seats

YOLOPLUS Toilet Seat Lifter, $9 (3 Pack), Amazon

If the thought of lifting a toilet seat with your bare hands makes you cringe, then it's time to invest in a set of toilet seat lifters. These little inventions adhere easily to the underside of any toilet seat or lid, so you can lift easily without making any direct hand-to-toilet contact. One reviewer says, "It's a lot less gross to me to not have to touch the seat itself, and I really like these." Agreed.


4. These Ingenious Swipes That Keep Clothes Fresh Between Laundry Days

Reviver Clothing Swipes, $10 (3 Pack), Amazon

These hypoallergenic dry swipes contain organic odor neutralizers that get rid of smells from sweat, smoke, food, or pets. You just whisk these dry swipes over your clothes to freshen up and voilà — you're ready to go. They're non-toxic and each swipe can be used up to ten times.


5. This Ice Cube Tray That Makes Ice Cubes Skinny Enough To Fit In Water Bottles

Lily's Home Narrow Ice Cube Tray, $8 (3 Pack), Amazon

This ice cube tray makes long, narrow ice cubes that actually fit into the small openings of water bottles, soda bottles, and cans. Each tray makes ten cubes and is made from silicone for easy popping-out. Forget to fill up the tray? Don't worry — narrow cubes take less time to freeze.


6. These Computer Reading Glasses That Protect Your Eyes From Blue Light

Eyekepper Computer Reading Glasses, $9, Amazon

Not only can the blue light emitted by phones, tablets, computers, and TV's can cause eye strain, it can also mess with your internal clock. Blue light, which is similar to UV light, tells your brain it's actually daytime, even if it isn't. These computer reading glasses shield your eyes, easing strain and keeping your circadian rhythm intact. This pair is lightweight plastic with a vintage tortoiseshell finish, however, they come in other styles too. Each pair of these glare and scratch-resistant glasses comes with a microfiber cloth and carrying case.


These Under Eye Shields That Prevent You From Getting Raccoon Eyes While Getting Your Eyeshadow Just So...

Shadow Shields By Michelle Villanueva, $8 (30 Count), Amazon

Whether you're just dusting on a little shimmer or going for a full-blown smoky eye, these eyeshadow shields will keep makeup fallout in check. The self-adhesive of each shield fits neatly under your eyes and guards your skin from streaks, smudges, and residue. These little numbers will help you perfect your look — without wasting time on under eye cleanup. One reviewer says, "It has become my best friend when creating a perfect winged eyeliner."


7. This Hair Dryer Holder That Makes Blowouts A Cinch

Hands Free Hair Dryer Holder $10, Amazon

It can be hard to replicate the magic of your stylist's hands at home, but this hair dryer holder certainly helps. This little contraption frees up your hands so you can round brush, scrunch, and clip without awkwardly maneuvering your hair dryer. It includes three suction cups that work on tile, mirrors, or your vanity door. Plus, it's adjustable, so you can find the perfect angle. One reviewer says, "I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone who is uncoordinated like me and can't round brush their hair. This is by far the best $10 I've ever spent."


8. These Blister Pads That Work With Strappy Shoes

HelloHeel Mini Grips For Strap Shoes, $7, Amazon

Thanks to these mini shoe grips, you can reduce the friction and soften any hard edges digging into your foot, thus making even your most blister-causing shoes completely comfortable. Their slim design means you can wear them with strappy heels or sandals, but they work great with any type of shoe. And the spongy, suede-like material is sourced from natural, organic rubber. Just say 'no' to walking barefoot on the sidewalk after a night of dancing.


9. A Bluetooth Locator To Keep Track of Keys And Other Valuables

FUNAN Bluetooth Tracker, $10 (2 Pack), Amazon

This Bluetooth tracker attaches to your keys (and other valuables) so you never lose them again. The two-way tracking system lets you track down lost items via an app on your phone, and also notifies you in real time when an item is out of range. It's thin and lightweight and attaches easily to keys, wallets, purses, luggage, and backpacks. Bonus: it includes a remote control function so you can take selfies and record voice memos from up to 50 inches away.


10. An Inside-Out Umbrella That Keeps Your Floors Dry When You're Done Using It

YoCozy Inverted Umbrella, $10, Amazon

Umbrellas are by nature awkward contraptions, but this inverted umbrella aims to make them a little more user-friendly. The inside-out design keeps water from dripping all over your floors or car when you're done using it and the C-shaped handle frees up your hands so you can check your phone and still remain dry. The best part? You can stop worrying about poking someone in the eye with the pointy end of your umbrella.


11. A Pillow Insert That Keeps You Cool On Hot Nights

River Home Cooling Ice Pad, $10, Amazon

This cooling ice pad is perfect for sleeping soundly through hot nights. Just put it on top of your pillow lay your sleepy head directly on it or slip it under your pillowcase to keep things cool through the night. It's also wonderfully soothing if you have a sore neck or a pounding headache.


12. A Shower Head With Minerals To Give You Healthier-Feeling Skin And Hair

Luxsego Ionic Shower Head Filter, $9, Amazon

Hard water may be damaging your skin and hair in the shower, but with this ionic shower head contains infrared and negative ion minerals that purify water and reduce chlorine levels. The result? Softer skin and hair. The shower head fits any standard size shower hose and works on three settings: rainfall, jetting, and massage. It's also eco-friendly, saving up to 30 percent of water. One reviewer even wrote, it's "almost like standing next to a waterfall, you get that blast of air and mist."


13. These Footie Socks That You Can Wear With Peep Toe Shoes

Flammi Women's Summer Peep Toe Socks, $9 (3 pack), Amazon

These strange-looking socks are your answer to keeping your feet dry and your shoes clean when you're wearing peep-toe styles. They're made from 80 percent cotton and 20 percent rayon and include built-in non-slip features, like a grip on the heel and a separator that keeps the front part of the sock in place. No more slipping and sliding in shoes or footie socks.


14. This Wine Glass Holder That Attaches To Your Plate

Wine Glass Plate Clips By True, $8 (6 Pack), Amazon

Here's a riddle. You're at a party with a glass of wine in one hand and an hors-d'oeuvre plate in the other. How are you supposed to pick up those cheese cubes with no free hands? If you guessed, "with the help of these amazing wine glass plate clips," you're right. Instead of searching for the nearest surface to set your wine glass down on, simply let this clip — attached to your plate — hold your wine for you.


15. These Little Lamps You Can Fit Into Your Wallet

HKBAYI LED Card Lamp, $9 (10 Pack), Amazon

Sometimes you need to shed a little light on a situation. You can stick these credit card-sized LED card lamps in your wallet and take them with you anywhere. Popping up the "bulb," will light them up and folding them flat will turn the light off again.


16. These Heel Protectors That Make It Possible To Walk On Grass

Solemates Heel Protectors, $12, Amazon

With these heel protectors, you can confidently walk and stand on grass without sinking in. They're great for nights out on the town too — keeping your shoes from catching on grates and cracks on the sidewalk. And they don't just protect you — they also keep your heel tips from damage. They're available in three sizes: narrow, classic, and wide.


17. A Bag To Keep Your Shoes Safe In the Dryer

PRO-MART DAZZ Sneaker Dryer and Wash Bag, $7, Amazon

Keep your sneakers from kicking around in your dryer with this sneaker dryer and wash bag. It hooks over the door and keeps your shoes in place during the drying process, eliminating that tumbling noise and protecting your dryer — and shoes — from damage. It's made out of mesh, so water and air flow through evenly and thoroughly.


18. An Outlet That Swivels For Easier Plugging-In

PRIME LINE Side Socket Swivel Outlet, $10, Amazon

Have a hard-to-reach outlet hidden behind your furniture? Then let me introduce you to the swivel outlet. Just plug it into any outlet and pivot the socket so it's facing the direction you want. It'll also protect your electronics from surges, and it turns your duel outlet fixture into a six-outlet fixture.


19. Nasal Filters To Keep You From Sniffling And Sneezing

AIR Cold/Flu/Allergy Nasal Filters, $10 (12 Pack), Amazon

For a drug-free way to fight of the cold, check out these nasal filters. They fit neatly inside your nostrils and contain drug-free electro-statically charged filters that capture the teeny, tiny airborne particles that cause illness and allergic symptoms. One reviewer says, "As a severe allergy sufferer every year, these have become my life line."


20. This Handle That Carries All Your Grocery Bags So You Don't Have To Make Multiple Trips

Drhob Multiple Bag Carrier, $3 (3 Pack), Amazon

These plastic bag holders do double duty to both prevent bag handles from digging into your hand as well as make it easier to carry multiple bags at ones. At a dollar a pop, these are totally worth stocking up on and keeping a couple in each of your bags so you never find yourself without one.


21.These Reusable Paper Towels You Can Use Over And Over And Over

Bambooee Reusable & Machine Washable Towels, $9, Amazon

Sick of throwing away money on paper towels? These reusable paper towels will be a godsend. They're reusable and machine washable so you can use them over and over — up to 100 times per sheet. Each roll can save up to 420 rolls of paper towels, so you're not only saving the trees, you're saving money as well. They're strong and absorbent and made from organic, sustainably-grown bamboo.


22. A Grip For Getting Stubborn Jars Open

Easi-Twist Jar Opener, $7, Amazon

If you're not particularly blessed with hand strength, opening up jars can make you feel like you're actually going to break your hand. This jar opener uses rubber grips to give you proper leverage so you can open up jars without taking your fingers to the gym first. It works on jars and bottles of all sizes, so you're in good hands whether you're trying to get at some hot sauce, apricot jam, or Greek olives.


23. A Waterproof Bag That Attaches To Any Standard Luggage Handle (And Folds Up SUPER Small, Too)

H&N Waterproof Travel Bag, $9, Amazon

This waterproof travel bag slides right over any standard luggage handles making it easier to navigate the airport. Made out of nylon, it's lightweight, machine-washable, and great for traipsing through the rain. Plus it folds down to be super small for storage. (Pro tip: Pack this in your luggage and use it as a carryon on your return flight to bring back all the goodies you bought on your vacation!) Choose from four colors including dark blue, light blue, pink, and "wine".

24. A Container That Looks Like An Elephant Draining Water Through Its Nose

Agile-Shop Elephant Drainer And Storage Box, $9, Amazon

This adorable elephant drainer and storage box is a great place to store anything that gets wet but you want to keep dry — like cutlery, eating utensils, sponges, toothbrushes, toothpaste, or makeup brushes. Made of non-toxic durable plastic, the elephant collects runoff water and drains it right back into the sink. Oh, and — it doubles as a planter. Use it to brighten up the windowsill above your kitchen sink.


25. These Little Hooks That Keep Your Glasses From Slipping

Keepons Superstretch Anti-Slip Hooks For Glasses, $4, Amazon

Plagued by glasses that keep slipping down your nose? These anti-slip hooks for glasses have you covered. Simply thread your glasses' temple tips through the loops in the hook, and they'll fit comfortably around your ears, ensuring your specs remain firmly in place. They're durable and made from allergen-free silicone. Pro tip: to get the best fit, measure the sizes of the temple tips and temple bend on your glasses before ordering.


26. A Pouch T0 Keep Your Purse In Place While You're Driving

Allstar Innovations Purse Pouch, $8, Amazon

If the contents of your purse are constantly spilling out and causing major distraction when you driving, here's your solution. This purse pouch hooks onto your car's center console and headrests and keeps your purse upright and accessible, but out of the way (in other words, not at the feet of whoever is sitting in the passenger seat). The pocket is also great for storing other items, like umbrellas, charging cords, cell phones, and gloves.


27. This Ironing Blanket That Saves You Tons of Space

Houseables Magnetic Ironing Blanket, $9, Amazon

Forget storing and setting up clunky ironing board, this ironing blanket contains heavy-duty magnets on all four corners, that stick firmly to any magnetic surface (aka the top of your washer or dryer). You can place it on the top of any washer or dryer and immediately transform it into a makeshift ironing board. Made out of quilted cotton and polyester, the blanket can withstand heat up to 500 degrees. It rolls up and folds easily, so it's great if you're traveling or pressed for space.


28. This Extension Cord That Stays Put

Quirky Extension Cord, $9, Amazon

You can wrap this bendable extension cord up ladders, the leg of your nightstand, or and a variety of other pieces of furniture to make outlets more accessible. The cord is 6 feet long and you can plug multiple devices into its three outlets.


29. A Memory Card That Takes The Hard Work Out Of Transferring Files

VIKASI Memory Card, $10, Amazon

Constantly running out of memory on your phone at the most inconvenient times? This memory card allows you to transfer files from your phone to a memory disk so you can instantly free up some space. You can plug it into each port and easily transfer photos, videos, music, and documents between devices. The card also works in tandem with an app that allows you to manage your data directly. It works with lightning, USB, and micro USB adapters.


30. This Pest Repellent That Uses Ultrasonic Technology Instead of Chemicals

Cravegreens Pest Repellent, $11, Amazon

This pest repellent doesn't use chemicals, poison, or traps to keep critters away. Instead, it uses ultrasonic and electromagnetic technology to send out sounds that are annoying to pests, which discourages them from hanging around. (Don't worry, the sounds are inaudible to human ears, so you won't be annoyed.) The repellent plugs into any outlet and is safe around humans and pets. Use it to keep roaches, mosquitos, ants, rats, and rodents at bay.

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