32 Of The Most Effective Life-Hack Products On Amazon — Because 5,000+ Reviewers Can't Be Wrong

Do you love scouring the internet for the type of simple yet brilliant tricks that make life's most annoying tasks quicker and easier? Then you're going to love these clever life-hack products on Amazon that are designed to make your day run a whole lot smoother.

From wool dryer balls that help your clothes dry faster to a fabric defuzzer that will make your sweaters look brand new, these incredible inventions won't just make your life easier but they'll save you time and money, too. And if you're skeptical as to whether or not these products will really live up to their promises, then don't worry. Each of these tried-and-true items is backed by thousands of positive reviews from people who swear that they actually work. So, if you've ever been let down by the ol' steam-your-shirt-in-the-shower trick, you'll be happy to know that there's a garment steamer out there that not only heats up in a mere 90 seconds but has been tried, tested, and approved by nearly 6,000 Amazon users, too.

Between the innovative designs and incredible ratings you can be sure that these 32 cult-favorite products on Amazon are going to be the most effective life hacks money can buy.

Entertainment — 32 Of The Most Effective Life-Hack Products On Amazon — Because 5,000+ Reviewers Can't Be Wrong

1. A Super Convenient Popcorn Maker That Works In The Microwave

The Original Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper, $16, Amazon

This easy-to-use popcorn maker has more than 5,000 perfect five-star ratings on Amazon for a reason: it's one of the best (and easiest) ways to make popcorn. Collapsible and small enough that you can store it away in a cupboard without it taking up tons of room, this silicone bowl works like a charm. Just add your kernels and put it in the microwave, then you're good to go.


2. A Smartphone And Tablet Stand That Makes Devices Easier To Grip

PopSockets Collapsible Grip and Stand, $10, Amazon

If you tend to drop your phone or tablet or you're just tired of holding them, what you need is this collapsible grip and stand from PopSockets. Designed to make it easier for you to get a grip on your device, this re-positionable accessory sticks to most surfaces and collapses to sit nearly flat against your device when it's not in use. Available in a wide range of colors and designs, this particular stand features a mandala design, flawlessly blending style and function.


3. The Seven-In-One Multi-Cooker That Everyone Is Talking About

Instant Pot, $100, Amazon

Whether you're trying to make yogurt, cook rice, prepare a savory stew, or just warm up last night's leftovers, all the bases are covered with the Instant Pot. This multi-functional device has more than 27,000 people buzzing on Amazon, with reviewers loving it for its speed, versatility, and value. "I use it weekly and I can't imagine life without it anymore," writes one reviewer of this multi-cooker, which can save you big money over the long haul because it's essentially seven cooking tools in one, while being energy efficient enough that you get the most bang for your buck. It also comes with 14 programmable settings, plenty of accessories, and is made from durable stainless steel.


4. A Vacuum-Insulated Travel Mug That Keeps Drinks Hot For 7 Hours

Contigo Travel Mug, $17, Amazon

Made with a leak-proof top and auto-seal technology, this mug is definitely constructed to go the distance. Thanks to the interior vacuum insulation, drinks stay hot up to 7 hours and cold up to 18 hours. Plus, even if you're busy keeping one hand on the wheel during your morning commute, you're still in luck, since this comes with a button that you can press one-handed to open up the lid.


5. A Tumbler Handle That Makes Your To-Go Mug Easier To Hold

F-32 Tumbler Handle, $6, Amazon

Get a grip on even your biggest travel mug with this simple but practical tumbler handle. It comes in tons of colors and is built to fit almost any 30-ounce mug or tumbler out there. Since it's made with thick, anti-slip rubber that locks in place firmly around tumblers and mugs, this handle will keep things from slipping out of your hands. This handle is also ergonomically constructed to deliver the maximum amount of comfort while you're using it.


6. A Set Of Packing Cubes To Help Organize Your Luggage

Shacke Pak Packing Cubes, $23 (Set of 4), Amazon

Awarded five stars by more than 6,000 people on Amazon, these high-quality packing cubes will transform your packing experience unlike anything else before. The magic here is simple: by using these water-resistant nylon cubes, you can organize your clothing and other essentials in your bag, making it easy to not only find what you need in a hurry but also reduce the chances of creating a messy heap in the process. Each of these four packing cubes comes in a different size, from small to extra-large, and are made with strong, reinforced lids that won't tear or break. It also comes with a laundry bag, so you can separate dirty clothes from clean ones during your trip.


7. An Innovative Travel Pillow That Delivers Incredible Head, Neck, And Chin Support

J-Pillow Travel Pillow, $30, Amazon

Get some quality sleep when you're traveling using this comfy travel pillow, which was awarded British Invention of the Year. The pillow curves to form a J shape under your chin, while simultaneously cradling and supporting both neck and head. Machine washable and incredibly soft, this pillow also comes with a handy snap-loop so you can attach this to your luggage or compact and have it within reach at all times.


8. A Fast-Drying Top Coat That Will Make Your Mani Last Longer

Seche Vite Top Nail Coat, $7 (Clear, .5 oz.), Amazon

For fast and flawless at-home manicures, pick up this fast-drying top coat from Seche Vite. Named one the best beauty buys by Allure and one of the top five top coats by Nails magazine, its formula penetrates deeply through nail lacquer to the base coat. There it forms a single solid coating over the nail plate, meaning nails won't yellow and you'll have a more durable finish.


9. A Set Of Jumbo-Sized Vacuum Storage Bags That Will Double Your Closet Space

SpaceSaver Vacuum Storage Bags, $26 (Jumbo, Set of 6), Amazon

From bedding to spare towels, and clothes you've had forever but just don't want to get rid of, there are all kinds of things you might need to store away, especially if you're out of closet space. Enter these vacuum storage bags, which work by compressing fabrics down until there are no pockets of air left inside, so they're easier to stash away. These jumbo-sized bags are antibacterial and come with a hand pump, so you can travel with them easily. But best of all, they can really free up your closet area for more important stuff, like new clothes!


10. A Pain-Free Method To Remove Peach Fuzz And Stray Hair

Finishing Touch Hair Remover, $20, Amazon

This best-selling hair removal tool makes getting rid of unwanted hair less of a hassle (if that's what you're looking for). Instead of trips to the salon, you can remove facial hair and other errant strands from the comfort of your own home. It comes with a spinning head, which cuts hair in the most precise yet gentle way possible, and is discreet enough that you can slip it into your bag and take it with you on the go, for touch-ups throughout the day.


11. A Set Of Reusable Wool Dryer Balls That Can Soften Clothes, Shorten Dry Time, And Save You Money

Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls, $17 (6 Pack), Amazon

Not only are these wool dryer balls reusable (they last for up to 1,000 loads) they can also dry your clothes faster. They're made from luxurious and 100 percent premium wool from New Zealand. Unlike chemical fabric softeners and sheets, these eco-friendly balls contain no synthetics and are perfect for those with ultra-sensitive skin.


12. No-Tie Shoelaces That Turn Your Sneakers Into Slip-ons

Lock Laces, $8, Amazon

Transform your favorite sneakers into a pair of slip-ons using these no-tie shoelaces, which can be used to replace regular shoelaces. More than 11,000 reviewers are raving about these shoelace alternatives, claiming that they're comfortable, quick to install, and simple to trim so they'll fit almost any shoe. Whether you're training for a marathon or just looking to make your old kicks comfier to slip on, these are versatile enough to fit any occasion.


13. A Little Coffeemaker That Can Have A Big Impact On Your Morning Routine

Black and Decker Brew 'n Go with Travel Mug, $25, Amazon

Ideal for dorm rooms and smaller spaces, this personal coffeemaker from Black and Decker is great for those with active lifestyles looking for a hassle-free way to get their morning cup of Joe. It's single-serve and comes with a 15-ounce stainless steel travel mug, so you can sip your coffee even as you're darting out the door. Equipped with auto shutoff and a permanent grounds filter, you won't waste extra energy or money on paper filters when you're using this great little device.


14. A Multi-Functional Air Purifier For A Cleaner, Germ-Free Environment

GermGuardian 3-in-1 Air Purifier, $87, Amazon

Struggling with allergies and desperate for a way to get cleaner air circulating throughout your home? With this three-in-one air purifier, which comes with a true HEPA filter, you can get much-needed relief from dust and allergens that cause allergies to flare up. More than just an ordinary filter, this device uses UV-C light to kill germs and comes with three speeds to choose from, so you can operate it based on your preference. Ultra-quiet and resilient, it also captures odors and eliminates them completely, so your home will smell better than ever.


15. A Toilet Spray That Makes Unwanted Bathroom Odors Utterly History

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray, $8 (2 oz.), Amazon

Speaking of rough smells, if your bathroom has become a hot spot for the kind harsh scents that leave you running in the opposite direction, you need this one-of-a-kind toilet spray. Formulated with a crisp citrus scent and relaxing essential oils, this spray doesn't mask foul odors like a scented candle or a perfume might. Instead, it actually creates a protective barrier that traps smells under the surface which prevents the odor from forming in the first place. It's also chemical- and paraben-free, so this non-aerosol spray won't harm the environment, either.


16. A Serum That Boosts The Health And Look Of Your Brows And Lashes

Organys Lash and Brow Serum, $30, Amazon

Looking for a way to get thicker-looking brows and eyelashes without resorting to harsh extensions or a more invasive treatments? Using this lash and brow serum, you can achieve the look you're hoping for and nourish hairs in both areas in the process. Natural ingredients, including healing amino acids, make this vegan-friendly serum a terrific option if you're looking to grow out your brows or lengthen lashes. If it sounds too good to be true, don't worry, almost 9,000 reviewers on Amazon have vouched for this game-changing formula.


17. An Incredibly Useful And Simple-To-Use Drain Protector That Could Save You Tons Of Money On A Plumber

TubShroom, $13, Amazon

Drains get gross — just think of all the hair, gunk, and everything else that gets caught in them on a daily basis. Luckily, this cheap but revolutionary drain protector can catch everything you'd rather not pick up with bare hands, and in the process can save you thousands of dollars, so you'll never have to worry about clogged drains and expensive plumping bills again. Available in a wide variety of fun colors, it fits most standard drains and offers an awesome chemical-free method to get rid of hair and other junk.


18. An Affordable Smart Wi-Fi Plug That Allows You To Control Devices From Anywhere

TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Plug, $22, Amazon

Smart-home technology used to be the stuff of sci-fi, but now you can get in on the action for less than $25 thanks to this smart Wi-Fi plug. The device — which lets you turn an outlet on or off — plugs into a standard outlet and can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet with the Kasa app or via voice commands when connected to Amazon Alex or Google Assistant. It also has an "away mode" which is a security feature that was designed to be used when you're away from home for extended periods of time. This setting allows you to schedule devices in your home to turn on and off at different times of day to give the appearance that you're actually home.


19. A Travel-Friendly Fabric Steamer That Will Make You Want To Ditch Your Iron

PurSteam Travel Fabric Steamer, $20, Amazon

Sure, this travel-sized fabric steamer is small enough to fit in your carryon, but it also heats up in a mere 90 seconds and offers 5 to 7 minutes of continuous steam which makes it a fast and easy at-home solution for un-wrinkling an outfit in a hurry. It's safe to use on a range of fabrics from cotton to sequins and comes in handy for freshening up drapes and upholstery, too.


20. A Mug Warmer That Solves That Ensures Your Coffee Doesn't Get Cold

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer, $7, Amazon

This mug warmer is simple but genius, so it's no surprise that thousands of Amazon reviewers are singing its praises. It has a convenient on and off switch, an indicator light that lets you know when it's hot, and a long cord so you shouldn't have a problem reaching an outlet.


21. An Egg Cooker So You Can Really Make The Breakfast Of Champions

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, $23, Amazon

Not only does this rapid egg cooker make the perfect hard, medium, and soft boiled eggs it can also be used to poach, scramble, or even whip up an omelet. It comes with trays different trays for different preparations and an auto shutoff function to prevent overcooking.


22. A Bluetooth Tracker That Can Help Track Down Lost Keys, Phones, And So Much More

Tile Mate, $50 (4 Pack), Amazon

Tile Mate is an ultra-slim Bluetooth device you can attach to your keys, slip in your purse, or pack in your luggage so you can track and find your belongs in case they happen to get lost. If your Tile is close by but out of sight, you can use your phone to make your tile ring out while you try to locate it. Alternatively, if your phone is lost you can press your Tile and make your phone ring — even if it's on silent! If your Tile is not nearby, however, the app relies on the Tile community to try to locate your item. If any member of the Tile community comes within range of your Tile the app will notify you.


23. A Silicone Cover That'll Protect Your Fingers From Super Hot Cast Iron

Lodge Handle Holder, $5, Amazon

Cast iron and ceramic-coated pans are amazing but their exposed handles (which make them great for going from the stovetop straight into the oven) can become scalding hot when sitting over an open flame. Enter: these silicone covers that pop on panhandles to protect your hands. They're heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, easy to slip on and off, and are machine washable.


24. A Mop And Bucket That's Actually Innovative AF

O-Cedar Spin Mop and Bucket, $30, Amazon

At first glance, this may seem like your average mop and bucket, but it's unique design updates actually make them more efficient at their job. Unlike your standard mop, this one not only uses microfiber to lift dirt and grim but it also features a unique triangular head designed to get into hard-to-clean corners. Meanwhile, the bucket has a built-in, foot-controlled wringer that makes it quick and easy to rinse the mop and control the moisture level.


25. A Long Brush That Can Clean Those Hard-To-Reach Spots In Narrow Jars, Pitchers, And Glassware

OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush, $5, Amazon

Cleaning stemware and hard-to-reach corners inside of pitchers, carafes, blenders, travel mugs, and jars can be frustrating, but this bottle brush from Oxo is just what you need to get the chore done. The stiff blue bristles of this brush deliver a serious scrub down, while the white bristles work gently on wine glasses and crystal so they won't get scratched up.


26. A Car Mount For Tablets And Smartphones So You Can Keep Your Focus On The Road

WizGear Universal Mount, $8, Amazon

Mount your smartphone to the vent of your car using this magnetic mount and in the process, keep your hands exactly where they should be: on the wheel. Compatible with most smartphones, including Apple devices, this mount has a sturdy rubber base, swivels to your display, and can really be put to good use if you're accustomed to using your phone's GPS function when you're driving.


27. A Personal Water Filter That's A Must-Have On Camping, Hiking, And Outdoor Trips

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, $15, Amazon

Thanks to this personal water filter from LifeStraw, you can have access to safe drinking water no matter where you are. Ideal for camping trips, hikes, and as part of any emergency preparedness kit, this provides up to 792 gallons of safe, chemical-free drinking water. It can remove up to 99.99 percent of bacteria from water, including E. coli and salmonella, and also eliminates 99.9 percent of protozoa that can lead to beaver fever and other ailments. Since this has no shelf life, it can be stored indefinitely and can make a vital difference if you're roughing it out in the wild.


28. A Fabric Defuzzer That Will Make Your Sweaters Look Like New Again

Conair Fabric Defuzzer, $12, Amazon

This fabric defuzzer removes lint, fuzz, and pilling in clothes so they look brand new. It comes with a large shaving head, detachable lint catcher, and three settings for superior depth control and so you can get a custom fabric shave. It's also battery operated, making it super easy to reuse.


29. A Charcoal Activated Tooth Powder For A More Radiant Smile

Active Wow Charcoal Powder, $25, Amazon

Derived from coconut, the activated charcoal formula in this powder is great for whitening teeth and is one of the most popular charcoal tooth powders available today. Safe on teeth and not harsh on gums, this powder can help eradicate the appearance of yellow stains from coffee, nicotine, wine, and more. This also has a detoxifying effect on teeth and has a refreshing peppermint flavor that'll help deliver that all-over clean taste you get from regular toothpastes.


30. A Hot Air Brush For Serious Volume And Shine

John Frieda Hot Air Brush, $32, Amazon

It doesn't matter whether your hair is naturally thick and unruly or ultra-thin and fine, because this hot air brush can style all hair types. Made with advanced ionic technology, this 500-watt brush comes with two heat settings and a cool setting, plus enhanced airflow. The 1.5-inch barrel is made from titanium ceramic and can give your hair more volume as well as restore your hair's shine.


31. An Electric Foot File That Works Wonders On Coarse Skin

Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File, $20, Amazon

Sure, getting your toenails painted is fun but the real benefit of getting a pedicure is walking out with baby-soft feet. Now, thanks to this electric foot file, you can get super soft skin in the comfort of your own home — and save a little money while you're at it. One reviewer wrote: "Why didn't I get this years ago?! Works great. Best results comes from applying it from different directions. My feet are in great shape and it is also great for removing corns. A must have."


32. An Adjustable Tablet Stand With A Perfect Five-Star Rating

Lamicall Tablet Stand, $14, Amazon

This five-star rated adjustable tablet stand is one of those really simple and practical investments that has endless uses. It's compatible with most tablets and iPads, supports both vertical and horizontal viewing, and comes with rubber pads and feet that can protect your device from scratches and normal wear-and-tear.

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