A group of woman all wearing white t-shirts and blue jeans huddle up.

40 Insta Captions For Sorority Tees & Wearing Your Letters With Pride

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Along with all the college mems you'll make with your sisters, another thing you'll always cherish from your sorority is the cute swag. Proudly sporting your Greek letters is one of the many perks of joining a sorority, and you're always rocking your tees around the house and to class. Whenever you get new swag, you instantly want to put it on, snap away, and proudly showcase those pics on your feed with Instagram captions for sorority T-shirts.

Make it a fun bonding time with your sisters by planning a photoshoot at the house. Set up a solid color backdrop in the backyard or decorate the most Instagram-worthy room in your space. Take turns being the photographer, and snap some cute solo pics of everyone wearing their shirts. You can also set up a tripod and put your camera on self-timer mode to capture a group photo like the infamous Hype House one. Make sure you've got your letters front and center for everyone on campus to see.

If you've got multiple new tees, you could even film a clothing transition Instagram Reel showcasing all of them in one video. When the time comes to post all your cute content, simply use any of these 40 sorority T-shirt captions that are sure to make your fave people smile.

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1. "Living in the sunshine with [your sorority's name]."

2. "I'm Omega fan of these new tees."

3. "On Wednesdays, we wear our letters."

4. "I've got quali-tee sisters."

5. "My wardrobe is all sorority tees now."

6. "Such a cu-tee."

7. "Felt cute, might have a photoshoot in this new swag later."

8. "A messy bun really goes with my tee."

9. "My sister and I have the same tee."

10. "My go-to outfit: my sorority tee and favorite pair of blue jeans."

11. "Welcome to my new wardrobe."

12. "We make these shirts look good."

13. "It's called #twinning. Look it up."

14. "Having a fashion Mu-ment."

15. "May your clothes be comfy, your coffee be strong, and your Monday classes be short."

16. "Catch me and my sisters in our tees."

17. "I love my sorori-tee."

18. "We wear the same clothes."

19. "My sisters and I spilling the tee."

20. "You're looking at the most stylish house on Greek Row."

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21. "I never got my Hogwarts letter, but I did get my Greek letters."

22. "This shirt is all Greek to me."

23. "Felt cute. Might wear my letters more often."

24. "It's the *sorority tee* for me."

25. "This photo needs to be framed and hung up in the house."

26. "My heart and closet are so full right now."

27. "Getting new swag is such a rush!"

28. "Spilling the tea in our new tees."

29. "Feeling Phi-ne in my new shirt."

30. "This is what the Heathers on campus wear."

31. "With Mu people in our tees."

32. "This is my sorority #OOTD. You're welcome."

33. "When you look this fab, it must be 'grammed."

34. "Welcome to our house."

35. "Gamma more shirts, please."

36. "I'm so in love with my sisters and these new shirts."

37. "I'm the Greek in the pink."

38. "Feeling Beta-ful in my new tee."

39. "I only roll with the best."

40. "It's the little things I love the most."