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40 Captions For Your Sorority Halloween Costume Pics That Totally Deserve A Mu-ment

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On Halloween, your top priority is capturing a spookin' good pic of your costume, and there's no one you'd rather strike a pose with than your sisters. Before dancing to the "Monster Mash" and enjoying festive beverages, pose, snap, and share on your feed with some Instagram captions for sorority Halloween costumes. Nothing's better than a sister squad moment to kick off such a spooktacular occasion.

If you're unsure of what costume to wear, it might make things easier to plan a group theme. Go as your fave characters from the TV show you and your sisters watch on the reg in the living room. For example, if you marathon-watched Emily in Paris together, consider dressing up in different Emily-inspired outfits from the show. Someone can have a color-coordinated hot pink moment or rock Emily's green jacket outfit, while another sister can channel "Bucket Hat" Emily.

You could be inspired by your favorite actor and give a nod to some of their iconic roles with costumes from different films. Or, keep it simple and go as a coven of witches with bold makeup looks, long tulle skirts, and combat boots.

Whether you dress up together or not, a group pic is inevitable. Be prepared to post right away with any of these 40 Halloween costume Instagram captions. Then, get right back to celebrating All Hallows' Eve with your favorite ghouls.

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1. "Night of the living sisters."

2. "On Halloween, we wear pink."

3. "This is squad ghouls. [ghost emoji]"

4. "House it going?"

5. "Hanging with my favorite witches."

6. "A little Halloween Mu-ment."

7. "Phi love Halloween with my sisters."

8. "Welcome to our haunted house."

9. "Something wicked this way comes." — William Shakespeare

10. "We're Omega fans of Halloween."

11. "Name a more spooktacular squad. We'll wait."

12. "Felt cute. Might creep it real all night."

13. "The Sanderson sisters got nothing on us."

14. "Trick or treat. Squad on fleek. Give us something sweet to eat."

15. "I love my ghouls so much."

16. "The most fangtastic sisters you'll ever meet."

17. "I guess you missed the theme?"

18. "We're just creeping it real."

19. "If you can't stir with the big girls, then stay away from the cauldron."

20. "We're mice, duh."

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21. "You Beta believe this is Halloween."

22. "You'd be ghoulish to not love this."

23. "Amock, amock, amock." — Hocus Pocus

24. "If you think I'm a witch... you should meet my sisters."

25. "This isn't a sorority house. It's a coven of witches."

26. "There's a little witch in all of us." — Practical Magic

27. "Halloween is Beta with you around."

28. "We live for this."

29. "It's the *group costumes* for me."

30. "You can't do epic sh*t with basic witches."

31. "I can't really see another squad tryna cross us." — Drake, "No Tellin'"

32. "We put a spell on you."

33. "Just giving the campus pumpkin to talk about."

34. "Feeling Phi-ne this Halloween."

35. "It's Mu favorite time of the year."

36. "You're looking at the Heathers on campus."

37. "Chi love Halloween."

38. "Thanks for being my sister." — Practical Magic

39. "Come, we fly!" — Hocus Pocus

40. "Nothing's Beta than this Halloween sitch."

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