A happy couple dances in their living room in their Christmas loungewear.

40 Captions For Rockin' Xmas Loungewear & Jammin' Around The House

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There's beauty in being comfy, and there's no comfort quite like lounging during the holidays. 'Tis the season for lighting your Christmas-scented candles, listening to Sweater Weather for the millionth time, and drinking another mug of hot cocoa. As you're staying as cozy as possible, all decked out in your warmest Christmas plaid, why not show off your favorite chunky knit and flannel pjs by using these Instagram captions for Christmas loungewear?

You can show off just how cozy your red and white loungewear is by taking a selfie laying down on your bed all snuggled up with a coordinating knitted blanket. Or, grab a selfie in your holiday onesie while enjoying a good book and a glass of wine, then pair it with an Instagram caption for Christmas loungewear to toast to the holidays. You can even create a group photo for a great memory. Simply round up your housemates in their go-to coordinating lounge set, put a camera on self-timer, and have everyone chill on your bed for a holiday sleepover photo. Add some festive pillows and Christmas blankets, and stage a pillow fight for an LOL-worthy Insta snap.

Loungewear is an easy and relaxing way to add a bit more festivity to each day spent at home. A trendy pair of soft sweats not only provides an added level of coziness to the season, but it will also make great holiday content. After all, Christmas loungewear deserves to have its time in the spotlight. Use these Instagram captions for Christmas loungewear to let your followers know you're doing the holidays right during the most snuggly time of year.

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1. "Snug as a bug in a rug."

2. "Alexa, play Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood."

3. "Sleigh-ed the jammies this year."

4. "Flanneling on the couch."

5. "What flannel is 'Home Alone' on?"

6. "Loungin' around the Christmas tree."

7. "It's the most wonderful time... for a sweatshirt."

8. "Aren't you plaid it's Christmas?"

9. "Fleece on Earth, good will to all."

10. "Dress code: Christmas."

11. "Dreaming of pjs in pink."

12. "Snuggle season is forever."

13. "Christmas? A fleece of cake."

14. "Nightie night."

15. "The snuggle is real."

16. "There's snow place like my bed."

17. "Couch me if you can."

18. "The gang's all here, and so are our pjs."

19. "Festive and fuzzy."

20. "Flannel 'fit."

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21. "Merry Plaid-mas."

22. "Fa-la-la-la fallin' asleep."

23. "Can't wait to snow you my collection of Christmas jammies."

24. "A Christmas sweater keeps the Sunday scaries away."

25. "Snuggle time is here."

26. "Have you been plaid this year? Santa will know."

27. "At Christmas, all roads lead back to bed."

28. "Ho-ho-hope your holidays are as cozy as mine."

29. "We wish you some merry loungewear."

30. "Feeling tree-mendously comfy."

31. "Lookin' really pine."

32. "You snow what's up."

33. "Staying ho-ho-home."

34. "Jammies: the J to my P."

35. "Just me, my elf, and I."

36. "Do not disturb."

37. "Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with The Grinch."

38. "Don't be plaid, be happy!"

39. "Feeling the holiday spirit, fir sure."

40. "Baby, it's cold outside... and that's why I got my Christmas jammies."

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