A happy woman in a yellow sweater, enjoys the views from her balcony.

40 Captions For Pics On Your Balcony & Soaking Up The #Views

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Picture a beautiful morning spent on your balcony, drinking coffee out of your fave mug, and watching the sunrise. Those picture-perfect, serene moments are meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, which is why you need some Instagram captions for balcony pictures. Whether you're chilling with a good book or taking in the views from above, a snap or two is bound to happen. Knowing the right words to pair with your pics will make posting quick and easy so you can get right back to enjoying your "me time."

Having a balcony that you can turn into your own private, peaceful space is a real game changer in an apartments. If you're a plant mom, the space is perfect for setting up your plant babies and providing them with all the sun they need. Your balcony railing can even be used to hang a few planters to start growing a little herb garden. And if you and your roomies just want to enjoy dinner under the stars, set up a table and chairs to utilize whenever you want to eat outside.

That same setup can be used for quiet mornings when you just want to take in the city sounds before everyone else is awake. While you're enjoying those calm moments, use any of these 40 balcony quotes to caption your selfies and breathtaking landscape photos.

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1. "This view doesn't succ."

2. "My happy place."

3. "Welcome to my garden."

4. "Thriving on my balcony."

5. "This is my resting coffee face."

6. "Sit back and enjoy the breeze."

7. "Spritzing."

8. "Take a seat and enjoy the view."

9. "Not wine-ing about this situation."

10. "O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?" — William Shakespeare

11. "I'm standin' there, on a balcony in summer air." — Taylor Swift, "Love Story"

12. "When in doubt, chill out."

13. "Channeling my inner Disney princess."

14. "Sweet on this view."

15. "Find me under the stars."

16. "Felt cute, might stay on this balcony forever."

17. "Adventure is calling, but I can’t come to the phone right now."

18. "I think I've seen this film before." — Taylor Swift, "exile"

19. "Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are." — Mason Cooley

20. "Forever that girl who gets excited when the sky changes colors."

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21. "Sometimes, it's worth waking up early."

22. "I decided this view was meant to be shared."

23. "No filter needed."

24. "Sorry, but the balcony's been booked by me."

25. "Cheers my dears to balcony views and sippin' brews."

26. "Let's taco 'bout this view."

27. "High above the crowds and city lights."

28. "With a view like this, you can't help but smile."

29. "I'm standing outside, so if anyone asks, I'm outstanding."

30. "Leaf me alone. I'm enjoying my balcony."

31. "You don't have to roam far to get the best views."

32. "If I hang out on this balcony long enough, maybe my Prince Charming will show up."

33. "Just peachy."

34. "Head in the clouds."

35. "If anyone needs me, I'll be here all summer."

36. "Spritz o'clock."

37. "Say aloe to my balcony views."

38. "Plant yourself where you will bloom." — Jennifer G. Anderson

39. "Having a bloomin' good time."

40. "Love spending thyme here."