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40 Captions For Your Wine-Cation & Soaking Up The Grape Views

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You have your typical vacations, and then there are wine-cations. These trips may include visiting a few wineries, taking in the gorgeous views from the vineyards, and enjoying charcuterie plates with your tastings. Like any good vacay, you always end up with a ton of photos you've snapped along the way that you want to share, but you may come up short when it comes time to think of perfect captions for your wine vacation pics. Don't fret, because this list has you covered.

A group selfie taken on a bachelorette weekend in Napa may pair well with a clever pun about friendship like, "Having a grape time with my crew." If you're looking for something romantic for your weekend wine-cation with your partner, you might want to go with something sweet like, "You had me at merlot." An adventurous trip biking to different wineries might call for a caption with a few extra emojis in it.

Whatever wine-cation you have planned, there are captions out there that will take your pics to the next level. You just need to swirl these 40 quotes over for a bit, and decide which one you prefer.

1. "This trip was a really grape decision."

2. "It's true what they say... wine flies when you're having fun."

3. "Decided I needed to get away and wine down."

4. "Sip happens when you're on wine-cation mode."

5. "You just have to read between the wines."

6. "Wine not go on vacation?"


7. "Not wine-ing about this view."

8. "Go where there are grape views."

9. "All the countries on my bucket list are wine countries."

10. "Love the wines you're with."

11. "This vacation has me on cloud wine."

12. "Getting away with my partners-in-wine."

13. "You say vacation. I say wine-cation."

14. "I've got all the time for wine."

15. "Relaxation pairs really well with wine."

16. "I'm grapeful for a little time off."

17. "Wine plus dinner makes me a winner."

18. "Just taking a Prosecco for myself."

19. "Taking time to stop and smell the rosé."

20. "Just look at this bottleful view."


21. "You're the real riesling for this vacation."

22. "On vacation, the hardest decision you need to make is red or white."

23. "Caber-yay it's vacay time."

24. "I'm very well red."

25. "This trip has been wine in a million."

26. "There's no need to look at a clock while on vacation. I know it's always wine o'clock."

27. "Great minds drink alike."

28. "It isn't good to keep things bottled up, so I went on a wine-cation."

29. "Grapeness is spending time with friends in a vineyard."

30. "I decant even think about going back to reality right now."

31. "Wine-gardium leviosa."

32. "You can't sip with us"

33. "The motto of this trip is Hakuna Moscato."

34. "I'm dreaming of a wine vacay."

35. "It's the most wine-derful time of the year."

36. "Why have less-scato when you can have Moscato?"

37. "Every day should be wine down Wednesday."

38. "Isn't life pretty grape?"

39. "Trading in my whines for wines."

40. "Just taking some time to pause and re-wine."

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