4 Zodiac Signs Who Miss Their Partner Most Over The Holidays

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If you're heading home for the holidays, there are probably a handful of things you're already eagerly anticipating. Maybe it's hugs from the friends the family you've been missing, the familiar smell of holiday cookies baking in your family's kitchen, or just the peace of mind that comes from being home. But being homeward bound may also mean spending your break away from your SO, which can be hard enough as it is. But for the zodiac signs who miss their partner most over the holidays? It's even harder.

While all the signs in the zodiac are likely to feel a pang or two of longing for their partner while they're apart over the break, some can be predisposed to an extra-strong case of holiday separation-anxiety blues. It all comes down to their great love of the season, paired with a desire to share the magic and traditions of the holidays with the person they care for most. Also, who'd want to miss out on mistletoe makeouts? If you're going to be making a seasonal pilgrimage home and you're already missing your partner before you've even started packing, you're probably one of the signs who takes being away from their sweetheart over the holidays the hardest.

Taurus (April 20—May 20)

For Taurus, the holidays represent hearth, home, and family — all things that mean a lot to this warm and loving earth sign. The idea of spending this precious time without their partner, along with missing the opportunity to start new traditions of their own together, makes being apart especially challenging for this sign. What they really want is to cozy up under a luxurious, fuzzy blanket and sip spiked cider with their SO.

Cancer (June 21—July 22)
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Once Cancer gives someone their heart, they don’t really want to be apart from them at any time of year, but this is especially true during the holidays. There are so many special traditions couples get to experience this season, whether that’s kissing under the mistletoe, exchanging gifts, going on vacation, or simply walking in the snow together. Missing out on all of that (and more) is bittersweet for this emotional water sign.

Virgo (Aug. 23—Sept. 22)

Virgo loves the holidays because finding the perfect gift for everyone on their list is like a sport to them. Thanks to their great observational skills and natural inclination to take care of the people they love, they're great at it. Missing out on the opportunity to really spoil their partner during the holidays can put a huge damper on the whole season for this sign. They may even find themselves pining for their SO in a way that's very unnatural for this typically unsentimental sign.

Pisces (Feb. 19—March 20)

Love and wonder are in the air this time of year, especially for a Neptune-ruled sign like Pisces. They already feel something akin to holiday spirit all year 'round due to their dreamy, generous nature, and it only grows stronger during the actual holiday season. When they celebrate with their partner, Pisces gets to lean into the full fantasy, but being apart from them fills this emotional water sign's heart with longing. It just feels so wrong to be separated.

If any of this is really resonating with you, and you’re worried about being too heartsick over the holidays to actually enjoy them, just remember you’ll be ho-ho-holding each other again in no time. In the meantime, try to FaceTime or schedule regular check-in calls. You've got this.