Pisces is one of the zodiac signs who are quiet on dates but text really well
4 Zodiac Signs Who Clam Up On Dates But Are Great Over Text

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Are you a wordsmith over text and tongue-tied IRL? Some people never struggle when it comes to writing clever dating app profiles and sending funny messages, and that's truly a gift. But if your wit doesn't translate from the screen to your date, don't sweat it — you're definitely not alone. For the zodiac signs who are quiet on dates but text really well, face-to-face communication can be pretty stressful. They may be a regular Jane Austen via text, but when they find themselves sitting across from a date, all those clever words tend to go right out the window. Womp, womp.

Sure, these zodiac signs could prepare a bunch of conversation starters and read them from a teleprompter positioned behind their date's head, but I wouldn't suggest it. Or they could wear an earpiece and have their bestie feed them lines, but again, probably not the best solution. If you do your best work with a keyboard, then you should just own it — the right person will see all you have to offer, even if you can't always express yourself to their face. These four signs may clam up on dates, but they make up for it with their fire texting game.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 — Feb. 18)
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You might not think of Aquarians as shy, but these often misunderstood individuals are actually pretty soft-spoken — at least, until you get to know them. Often referred to as the sign of genius, people born under this sign are known for being inventive and quirky, so even if they're a little timid on first dates, that doesn't mean they can't hold a conversation. From conspiracy theories to obscure facts, an Aquarius' mind is a storehouse of random knowledge, and texting with this sign is always a wild and fascinating ride. If you date an Aquarius, be patient — they open up IRL eventually.

Pisces (Feb. 19 — March 20)

Like Aquarius, a Pisces spends a lot of time consumed by their own thoughts, and when you're constantly in conversation with yourself, it can be tough to talk to anyone else. They may be bashful, but Pisceans are not-so-secret romantics, and all they want to do is share their love — though it's much easier for them to do so via text. Even if a Pisces says less than dozen words to you on a date, you're likely to receive a 500-word essay from them later, expressing all the things they were too shy to say in person. Pisceans are poets, after all, not public speakers.

Taurus (April 20 — May 20 )
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Despite being thoughtful and sweet, Taureans may come across as withdrawn to people who don't know them well. They can't help it — as well as being inherently shy, these patient individuals much prefer listening to talking. Like a sponge, Taureans tend to soak up everything around them, even when it seems like they're totally zoned out. And because they remember everything, they're wonderful at checking in via text, asking how certain things went or whether you're looking forward to upcoming events. Taureans aren't usually forthcoming, but it's only because they're too busy listening to you (and noting things to text you about later).

Scorpio (Oct. 23 — Nov. 21)

Similar to Aquarians, Scorpios are frequently misread, mostly because it's near impossible to tell what the heck a Scorpio is thinking. These cagey individuals are very slow to open up, and as a result, they can seem disengaged or even uninterested on the first few dates. But like Taureans, Scorpios are listeners rather than speakers, and those born under this endlessly curious sign want to learn everything they can about someone else before exposing anything about themselves. Scorpios are also known for their dark humor and quick wit, so while they may seem quiet in person, they always manage to shock and amuse their dates while texting.

Bottom line: If you date one of these four timid signs, don't write them off right away. Give them a chance to shine via text, and as they become more comfortable, those skills will eventually translate to incredible IRL convos.