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4 Shy Zodiac Signs Who Can Be Tricky To Read On Dates


Nothing is more nerve-wracking than being on a date with someone when you can't tell what they're thinking or how they're feeling. Let's face it; trying to accurately interpret the behavior of someone you're still getting to know isn't easy. Although the zodiac signs who are hard to read on dates might seem disinterested or overly-reserved, the truth is that they may just need a bit more time before they let you in. Here are the signs that are the most prone to aloofness, and how you can help break the ice.


Known for being mysterious and deep, figuring out what's on a Scorpio's mind is never easy. Although they may come off as aloof or intimidating, chances are, your Scorpio date is simply trying to decide whether or not you're trustworthy. Earning the trust of this inherently suspicious sign requires patience, consistency, and honesty.


In the early stages of getting to know a Capricorn, they may seem to be overly reserved, but don't be fooled by their subdued demeanor. Underneath their cool, calm, and collected exterior is a rambunctious, witty, and delightfully unpredictable soul. The trick to getting a Capricorn to feel comfortable enough to shed their well-intentioned facade is to show them your playful side, which will permit them to let their perfectly coifed hair down.


Cancers have so much love to give, but you'd never know it, at first. These hopeless romantics would love nothing more to wear their hearts on their sleeves. However, their extremely sensitive nature can make it hard for them to be vulnerable on dates. Instead of being open and sincere, they tend to get caught up in trying to seem strong or overly-confident. But once you get them talking about their friends and family, their warm nature will be obvious.



When it comes to reading a Virgo, it's probably a good idea to accept that you're in for a confusing ride. This zodiac sign is known for being rule-loving, practical, and analytical, and while none of these traits are negative, they can make Virgos seem harsh or judgey. But the truth is that Virgos really just want to be helpful. Oftentimes, they don't even realize that they're being cold or distant. But, if you can get them laughing, then they'll be much more likely to loosen up.

Even though it can be tempting to overlook a date who seems too shy, quiet, or reserved, it's important to remember that fully getting to know someone can take a while. So, if you like someone but can't read them, patience is the name of the game.