4 Zodiac Signs Who Miss Their Ex The Most While In Quarantine

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You can rarely predict when you'll miss an ex. An old picture can unexpectedly bring back a good memory. A certain song can remind you of the way things were. And sometimes, a global pandemic can force you into quarantine for months, where you spend far too much time watching rom-coms and thinking about your former SO. While some people can get over an ex in the time it takes to charge their phone, others pine over that person for months... or even years. That doesn't mean the zodiac signs who miss their ex in quarantine aren't strong — it just means their hearts aren't equipped to deal with all this free time.

Missing your ex while social distancing is different than missing your ex under normal circumstances. When you're separated from your friends, your family, and your favorite restaurants, it's natural to miss the familiarity of a former partner as well. (Or maybe this long dry spell just has you missing sex with your ex.) You might have even thought you were over an ex before the coronavirus outbreak... only to find yourself thinking about that person again in quarantine. (Ugh.) For these zodiac signs, social distancing means a lot of reminiscing.

Pisces (Feb. 19—March 20)
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As the biggest daydreamers of the zodiac, too much downtime can be a little dangerous for a Pisces. These romantics already spend much of their time in their own heads, so when their responsibilities are limited, they have even more freedom to fantasize. People born under this sign are idealists at heart, and even if a relationship ended for a good reason, it's sometimes hard for Pisceans to remember that reason... especially while sequestered in their homes. You know what they say: (Social) distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Leo (July 23—Aug. 22)

Leos may not be nearly as romantic as Pisceans, but they do love being in love. Few signs struggle with social distancing as much as Leo, and it's not just because these divas miss their loyal clique and their favorite cocktail bar. A Leo loves nothing more than to be wrapped up in an SO's arms, so when they're stuck at home, any physical affection seems appealing — even if it comes from their ex. A Leo's pride is no match for their loneliness (though they'd never admit it).

Libra (Sept. 23—Oct. 22)
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Some people may call Libras codependent, but I like to think of them as affectionate. For those born under this sign, relationships are paramount, as they tend to find balance in companionship. Without a partner, Libras can flounder, and that's especially true when their contact with the outside world is limited. They also have a bad habit of overthinking, so with too much idle time, Libras may convince themselves that their ex wasn't so bad. As the most romantic sign of the zodiac, Libras simply can't help but see life (and the past) through rose-colored glasses.

Scorpio (Oct. 23—Nov. 21)

Fact: Scorpios fixate on things like it's their job. Rather than daydreaming, a Scorpio is more likely to spend their time in quarantine doing way too much social media sleuthing — and there's a good chance they'll end up on their ex's Instagram. People born under this sign overanalyze everything, so once they start thinking about an old relationship, they just can't stop. Also, let's be real: Scorpios love sex, and if they're not getting any in quarantine, then they're probably pretty eager to do it... with anyone.

If you find yourself missing your ex in quarantine, consider this before shooting them a text: Do you miss them, or do you miss your life pre-quarantine? IMO, everyone would be better off watching Tiger King for the fourth time than pining for the past — and that's especially true for these four zodiac signs.

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