4 Chill Zodiac Signs That’ll Always Let You Pick What You Netflix

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If I were to break down what constitutes the foundation in my relationship, it would probably be something like love, laughter, romance, and Netflix. Is that healthy? I don't know, but it's real. Netflix has basically become the background noise to our lives and the default way we chill we we need to relax. As you can imagine, this could be a real problem if we fought over the remote and neither of us were zodiac signs that let you pick the TV show. Fortunately, my partner is a chill Taurus who is happy to go with the flow so that my Virgo self can (mostly) be in charge of programming. It also helps that we have lots of overlap in the things we're interested in watching, He's up for a Sabrina marathon with me, and I am happy to go full dark with an all-in-one-day viewing of Mindhunters. (OK, maybe that wasn't our best idea ever.) The key, I suppose, is to find that balance, which tends to mean one person is flexible about what to stream, while the other has, ahem... stronger opinions.

So, which are you? Are you happy to stream along, or are you the remote warrior? If it's the latter, then the following chill zodiac sign just may be your perfect TV-marathoning companion.

Taurus (April 20 — May 20)
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As I mentioned earlier, Taurus is a great streaming sidekick. I know what you’re thinking: Aren’t Taureans the most stubborn sign of the zodiac? Well, yes and no. When Taurus makes up their mind about something, there’s pretty much no changing it, period. However, most of the time, this is a sign who is more than happy to just go with the flow thanks to their warmhearted and generous nature. They love to see the person they care for happy, so picking what you watch during quality couch snuggle time is really secondary to the closeness and intimacy that snuggling up on the couch together creates.

Gemini (May 21 — June 20)

One of Gemini’s greatest strengths is their versatility and curiosity. So, it's not really that surprising that this air sign is pretty much down to watch whatever you want to watch, so long as it's not boring. This is a sign that's happy to have new experiences, like trying out a genre they don't normally watch, but if they aren’t grabbed and compelled by the content, you may have some competition for the remote. So, keep your Gemini’s personal taste somewhat in mind when choosing what to watch, and you have a good chance of getting to pick what to Netflix pre-chill.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 — Dec. 21)
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Sagittarius has pretty much cornered the market when it comes to relaxation and going with the flow. This sign is happy to let their partner take the lead when it comes to programming. They just want to be able to have fun and not take things too seriously, so you can bet the last thing they want to do is fight over the remote. That being said, this fire sign can occasionally dig their heels in and show you a secretly stubborn side. In that case, it's probably a good idea to give them their way, lest they start feeling trapped and controlled. Fortunately, this is rare and, for the most part, you couldn’t hope for a more versatile and easygoing TV-watching companion.

Pisces (Feb. 19 — March 20)

Sweet and selfless Pisces is happy to let their partner take the lead when it comes to what you’re watching tonight. This is a sign that likes to let their minds wander and imaginations roam, so they aren’t really all that worried about what you’re watching since they are probably daydreaming during half of it anyway. Plus, if it makes you happy, then this unselfish and loving sign is all for it. Not to mention, they are highly intuitive, and can tell when you really just need to turn off for a bit and zone out on your fave shows. They have no problem giving their partner that time to recharge, just don’t quiz them about what happened in the episode.

While picking what to stream may seem like a small or trivial thing in a relationship, it can actually be a big point of compatibility. Any argument where there are two sides can be a point of contention, but also, an opportunity to work on conflict resolution and compromise. So, finding balance (or a partner who doesn’t mind watching To All The Boys I’ve Loved Beforeagain… ) just may be another thing to add to your list of relationship goals.

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