If You're Always The One To Initiate Sex, You're Probably One Of These 4 Zodiac Signs

I am not ashamed to admit I'm a big ol' pillow princess. My favorite sex position is starfish, and I'm not really one to initiate sex. I'm not a prude, (far from it in fact), I'm just a Virgo, a sign that is notorious for never really kickstarting things in the bedroom. This is why it's important for folks like me to find a partner who balances that out, by picking one of the zodiac signs that always initiate sex, like Scorpio. (Hello, lover!)

No sign in the zodiac has cornered the market on enjoying sex, but there are a handful of signs that are less shy about seeking it out and getting the horizontal party started. They aren't afraid or shy about letting their partner know exactly what is on their mind and taking steps to make it happen, whenever (and wherever, in some cases) the spirit moves them. If that sounds familiar, you're probably one of the following signs. Or if it doesn’t sound like you, but instead you're a sweet bottom in search of your sexy top, then take my oh-so-Virgo word for it, these are the signs you're going to want seek out to be your next sexual partner.

Aries (March 21 To April 19)

For fiery and sexually adventurous Aries, there is no time like the present when it comes to sex. Because of their impulsive and passionate nature, an Aries is the first one to pull their partner into the restaurant bathroom for a quickie when the mood strikes (and it is pretty much always striking). They have a voracious sexual appetite and are absolutely fearless in and and out of the bedroom. The one downside of an Aries lover is that their passion burns brightly, but quickly. So, if intense but brief is your sexual style, you can’t go wrong with this sign.

Leo (July 23 To Aug. 22)

The lion may be king of the jungle, but Leos are kings (and queens) of the bedroom. This warm-hearted and loving sign is more than happy to take the lead when it comes to getting things started in the bedroom. Honestly, it’s not really hard for them — they just turn up their natural charisma and, before you know it, all your clothes are on the floor. The one thing to watch out for with a Leo lover, though, is their infamous ego. They are happy to initiate, but they expect to feel worshiped once the festivities kick off. So, be sure to give your Leo lots of ego-stroking positive feedback and you can be sure to have a roaring good time.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 To Nov. 21)

Well, I guess you knew this one was coming. (Pun intended.) You can’t talk about sex and the zodiac without taking about the most sexually charged and passionate of all the signs, Scorpio. This sign just oozes sex, so initiating it comes as second nature. They are a force of nature — powerful, passionate, and oh-so-magnetic. They seduce with every word and gesture and, once they have you under their spell, well, let's just say you’re going to want to have a safe word at the ready, because things are going to get wild. Nothing is sexier than confidence, and Scorpio has that in spades.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 To Dec. 21)

For wild at heart Sagittarius, every day is a new reason for exploration and fresh experiences. They are eager for excitement and exploration and they are happy to initiate sex in order to make that happen. They treat each new sexual experience as an adventure, and because of their naturally open-minded nature, are excited to try new things and just play. It's easy to get addicted to these wild lovers, but enjoy it while it lasts because they are a fickle sign. I am not going to say a Sag can’t be tamed, but it won’t be easy. The good news is, it’s really fun to try.

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