4 Women Who Got Engaged At Disney Revealed Why It Was So Special

by Korey Lane
Photos Courtesy of Lynette Torres & Laura Meyer

I don't know about you, but when I was growing up, all I wanted to do was go to Disney. I still haven't gone, but it's always been a dream of mine. For those lucky enough to get engaged at Disney, it's safe to say the theme parks mean even more. Disney is the perfect backdrop for a fairytale proposal; the castle, the princesses, and the atmosphere in general all make for a real-life dream come true. These women who got engaged at Disney are proof that these magical proposals make saying yes that much easier.

The magical world of Disney is home to some of the most classic fairy-tale love stories. So many of us have grown up with these romantic fantasies about love because of Disney movies. Heck, these stories have shaped entire generations! And while a Disney proposal isn't for everyone, it can mean the world to those who love the magic, and hearing from actual women who've experienced it might just make you want the same thing for yourself.

Better than any fairytale, these stories are 100% true. So grab a tissue and some Dole Whip, because you might just shed a happy tear or two.

"I thought he was joking and moved away, but he told me he was serious."
Photo courtesy of Lynette Torres
It happened the day before my vet school graduation so I had no idea! We went into the park with my sister in law and her husband. She always takes photos with the Disney photographer in front of the castle so it wasn’t out of the ordinary when she asked for us to take photos. I was surprised when my husband asked us to take another solo photo. (He hates photos.) I did a quick turn when we were about to take the photo and when I looked down, my husband was down on one knee with a beautiful ring. I thought he was joking and moved away, but he told me he was serious. And I said yes! After a big hug and kiss, both our families popped out from one of the stores to surprise us in the moment! It was amazing! He knows I love Disney and always wanted that special moment. We are very happy, married, and now expecting our first baby!!!

Lynette, 25

"He kept avoiding me because he was so nervous."
Photo courtesy of Katerina Illescas
So we went to Disney for our anniversary and both of our families went (my parents flew in from out of town), and I honestly didn’t think twice about them flying in just to go with us to Disney. What did seem a little fishy and a bit like he was going to propose was him asking me questions about rings and [saying] that he had a surprise for me and was going to give the surprise to me at Disney. So when we finally got to Disney I did feel like he was going to propose until his mom tricked me and “spoiled the surprise” by saying that she was so excited we were going to Hawaii! So the engagement idea was completely forgotten and I was sooo excited for Hawaii! The day of, we went to Magic Kingdom and then were supposed to go to The Grand Floridian to watch the fireworks on a yacht. (Again did not think anything of this, haha!) At The Grand Floridian we got on a yacht that had snacks and balloons and super cute things and while we were just hanging out he asked me to go outside where he got down on one knee, and the rest was history! It was pretty funny because while on the yacht he kept avoiding me because he was so nervous and he couldn’t wait till the fireworks, so he just did it!

Katerina, 24

3."The man that I love and cherish wants to be with me forever."
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Fritz
I had absolutely no clue that it was happening. My family convinced me that we were going to Disney so that my niece could get engaged in “Paris”. Without a doubt I believed them. I was completely in the dark and beyond surprised. We arrived at Epcot and waited in line for the Minnie and Mickey topiary as a family. We took a few shots as a group and then they suggested we take a magic photo. At this point my now-fiancé and I stayed behind to take the photo. He desperately wanted to get me on my left side but I was being so difficult. After a few asks... plus him physically moving me around... I switched sides with him. He then said “I want to tell you something,” I immediately responded “Not now, let’s just take the picture”. During this time he took my arms and spun me around. I still was not aware of what was happening. He then said, “I love you so much! I love spending every minute with you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” At this moment my heart dropped and the world stood still. I finally realized what we were all there for. I took a couple steps back saying, “No you’re not, no! You’re not!” To which he replied “Will you marry me?” I froze as my reality set in. This is the exact moment I had always wished and dreamed for. How did I ever deserve something so beautiful?? What woke me up out of my thoughts was a passerby screaming “SAY YES!” Immediately I came to and said "Of course, yes! I can’t believe this!” We embraced each other and as I fell into his arms it all became too much and I began to cry. The man that I love and cherish wants to be with me forever. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Stephanie, 32

"I could not have asked for a more perfect engagement to the love of my life."
Photo courtesy of Laura Meyer
Getting engaged at Disney was an absolutely magical dream come true! Doug proposed on Main Street, right before the Festival of Fantasy parade in front of a crowd of people waiting for the parade. His proposal was a complete surprise to me even with my whole family there — I didn’t see it coming at all. I could not have asked for a more perfect engagement to the love of my life.

Laura, 27