4 Things That Remind You Of Your College Friends When You're Home For The Holidays

by Ciara Johnson

Christmas is near, so it's almost time to head home for the holidays. You've almost completed another semester of college, and there's so much holiday cheer to look forward to. You'll get the chance to take a break from studies, catch up with your high school friends at your favorite spots in town, and watch all the holiday films. You've been counting down the days until this Christmas break, but there's only one problem: You're going to miss your college friends more than you thought. Here are four things that remind you of your college friends when you're home for the holidays.

You were definitely looking forward to class being out of session, until you realized that you'd be away from your college friends for the first time in a while. If you're besties with your roomies, the struggles of being apart can be all too real. After all, you see them on the daily and got into a great routine with them.

You've experienced the best of college together thus far, and your college friends have truly begun to feel like family. When you go home for the holidays, you'll feel a sense of nostalgia. You'll start to wonder how you ever lived with your college besties right by your side.

Shopping For Holiday Gifts

Let's be honest: You know your college friends like the back of your hand, and vice versa. You’ve spent so much time together that you know their favorite foods, shows, brands, and so much more.

When you go Christmas shopping at home, you'll naturally notice all the things your college friends would want. You know your roomie would absolutely love that sparkly top at your favorite boutique in town, and you also know that gingerbread cookies are her favorite Christmas treat. Be sure to grab her a little gift so that you can surprise her once you reunite!

Your Epic BFF Playlist
Trinette Reed/Stocksy

It’s normal to miss your college friends when you're back home for the holidays. You’ll probably turn on your BFF playlist that you created with your college best friend to reminisce on all the epic times you’ve shared together.

Doing this will take you right back to those late-night study and pizza sessions, and getting ready for girls' night on the weekends. You'll begin to miss the campus life a ton, and these songs will hold you over until you see your college crew again.

High School Friends
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If you have friends from high school who you immediately reconnect with when you come home, you're so blessed. Your relationship with them has stood the test of time and distance.

These amazing people have been in your life since day one, and you're so excited to catch up with them on all things college. Of course, as you're sharing stories, you may feel nostalgic and wish your college friends were right by your side to chime in with the parts you forgot. (And if your home friends haven't met all of your college friends quite yet, you know that when they do, it will be the most epic day.)

Netflix Marathon And Popcorn Nights
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You’ve probably lost count of the number of Netflix marathons you’ve had with your college BFFs. It’s the best way to relax after a long day of classes, bond over your favorite shows, and catch up on the hot gossip.

When you go home for Christmas break, you may find yourself watching Netflix, but it just doesn’t feel the same. You’ll miss cracking up with your best friend who shares the exact same humor as you, and it’ll totally remind you of those simple, yet meaningful moments with your roomie.