4 Subtle Signs That Your Partner Is Ready To Say “I Love You,” So, Brace Yourself

by Korey Lane

In most every relationship, there are some very obvious milestones. No matter how the relationship started, at one point or another, you and your partner will have to define the relationship, decide how serious you are, say "I love you," and maybe even move in together. But it's that third one that's probably the most intimidating. Fortunately, these subtle signs your partner is ready to say "I love you," will prepare you for when it actually happens.

While it may be nice to have the "I love you" happen spontaneously and catch you off guard, if you're concerned at all about how it will all go down, or just wondering how your partner feels, then you can definitely gauge a lot from their day-to-day behavior.

So, if you're feeling like you're ready to say those three big words to your partner, but want to make sure that they feel the same way, then just look closely at how they're acting around you, your family, and your friends. Additionally, the words they say and other little things they do can actually say a lot more about your relationship than you might have originally thought.

So, let's dive right in shall we?

First, they demonstrate how closely they're listening to you.

Obviously, being in a relationship takes a lot of work, and sometimes it can be exhausting. But if you have a partner who notices when you need help by listening to everything you say, no matter how small it may seem, they could be close to saying "I love you."

"For example, [they] remember that you said you needed to grab yogurt but you got stuck at work, and [they] surprise you with a bag of yogurt later that night," Lori Salkin, Senior Matchmaker and Dating Coach at SawYouatSinai told Elite Daily.

Basically, if your partner is paying close attention to what you need, like buying groceries when you don't have time, then they're probably ready to say "I love you."

They would never consider ignoring you.

In today's world, ghosting happens pretty frequently (unfortunately). But if you're in a healthy, committed relationship, then that shouldn't be an issue at all. More so, if your partner is ready to say "I love you," they should always be communicating with you in a respectful manner.

"[They] always write back/respond/pick up your calls when you reach out, and [they] reach out just as much as you," relationship expert Jen Kirsch told Elite Daily.

So really, you shouldn't be feeling neglected if your partner is ready to say "I love you," and it doesn't matter if they're big talkers or not. At the end of the day, a caring partner in love will always get back to you.

They talk about you all the time.

If your partner does a ton of sweet things, but you're still not sure if they're ready for "I love you," don't fret. One way to tell that they're ready to say those three little words? The things that they're saying about you to their family or friends.

"[They] compliment you nonstop in front of [their] relatives," Salkin also told Elite Daily. "And include you in all of the conversation." So whether your partner is super close to their family, their friends, or both, they're always going to make sure that you're part of that world, and they'll let those people know how much you mean to them.

Last but not least, they love to compliment everything about you.

Maybe your partner isn't the type to bring you flowers every day, or they can't afford to whisk you away on magical trips to eastern Europe. That doesn't mean they don't love you, though. Maybe they tell you how cute your freckles are, or play with your hair while musing how soft it is. As specific as they can get, that just means that they're totally falling in love with you.

"The more specific they are, the more she can be sure he truly loves her," relationship expert Mark Stefanishyn told Elite Daily about a partner who compliments their better half.

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