4 Signs You've Found Your Ride Or Die, Because Every Day Is An Adventure

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If you're dating someone who would do anything for you, go anywhere with you, and generally be by your side through it all, it's possible that you've found your ride or die. This phrase can mean a lot of things to different folks, and many types of relationships can be ride or die. It can feel pretty amazing to know someone has your back in this way.

When your partner is your ride or die, there's something extra special about that thrill of having an adventure-buddy through thick and thin. As opposed to concepts like "The One" or "End Game," the "Ride or Die" relationship may be your most exciting (and potentially turbulent) union. When you're with "The One," you may very well have found the person you could see yourself settling down with. A "ride or die" is along for the journey, as life unfolds. This is the person that you might try new things with, travel, and take up an exciting hobby. A "ride or die" partner is someone who books you a plane ticket to the place you've both always wanted to visit, or (like the phrase suggests), would hop on the back of your Harley and ride off into the sunset together.

Ultimately, this partnership can be super beautiful and amazing. If your relationship has any of the following features, it's amazing you've found a person that fits with you so well and is prepared for an adventure of a life with you.

They'd go anywhere with you.
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A "ride or die" partner is ready to book plane tickets, like, tomorrow. If you say jump, they'll jump higher than you could have ever imagined. This is the kind of partner that is ready to attempt new things too or support you in whatever you've always wanted to try. If that's a food that you've been excited about tasting or an activity (like indoor skydiving), they're down to give it a go with you or at least be your cheerleader.

I am planning to do a tough mudder this summer and even though my "ride or die" best friend isn't interested in doing it herself, they said they would pack a lunch and make a poster for me. That's love!

You're always being creative together.
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If you and your partner are "ride or die," you have a lot of energy that flows between the two of you. This likely translates to a lot of creativity in its many forms. This doesn't mean that you have to both be artists, but that you are creative in the different things that you do.

You cook together or find interesting, unique activities to try out together. You also likely have amazing sexual chemistry that is very unique to the two of you. It's all about your excitement to be partnered and ability to look at every day as an adventure.

There's never a dull moment with you two.
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Now, this isn't to say that you don't have any downtime. You are totally allowed to rest and relax and still be each other's "ride or die." It just likely that the downtime won't feel dull to either of you.

You could be doing anything: napping at home, cooking a dinner and staying in, even watching a movie together — and none of it will feel boring or stagnant.

You know that they will always have your back.
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Outside of the thrill of your relationship and the chemistry you share together, your "ride or die" bae has a permanent presence in your life. You don't feel like they could be gone tomorrow or that there's a level or rockiness to your connection.

The thrilling nature of your bond (the "ride" part) is only half of the beauty of this relationship. The part that means the most is the fun, beautiful, and exciting journey that the two of you are on, and there's no end in sight.

It's pretty freaking amazing that this sort of connection can exist between people. It's even more awesome if this connection is present between you and your bae. This is something that can develop over time, too — so if this is something that you're looking for but have not yet found, don't feel discouraged. Your "ride or die" bae might just be on the horizon, cruising on their motorcycle, heading straight for you.

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