4 Sex Moves To Try On A Trampoline & Take Getting Frisky To New Heights

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If your date makes your heart bounce off the walls, you may already be used to having a little spring in your step. Still, if you're feeling a bit adventurous on a summer day, knowing some sex moves to try on a trampoline can really take getting frisky to new heights — literally.

Although I can't tell you what to do in the bedroom (and trust me, I wouldn't want to!) I can (and will) suggest you be careful before turning up the heat outside of the sheets. No matter how sexy your date is, it's important to note that having sex outside comes with a number of risks. In most states, getting caught having sex in public is a misdemeanor. In fact, doing the dirty outside can even be classified as Lewd or Indecent Behavior or even Indecent Exposure. So, if you want to jump your partner's bones while literally jumping on a trampoline — getting it in on a small trampoline inside your house or a big trampoline in a private backyard may be your safest bet.

Here are four sex moves to try on a trampoline that are sure to make you reach for the stars.

The Bull Frog

Have one partner lie down on their back on the trampoline, facing up. Have the other partner on top, straddling the partner on the bottom. With their legs bent like a frog, the partner on top can kick down on the trampoline and bounce both partners. After establishing a good rhythm, have the bottom partner enter the top with a penis, sex toy, or fingers.

Pro tip: This position also allows an easy transition into oral if the partner on top slides their hips down to meet their partner's mouth.

Jumping Doggie

Have the receiving partner bend over with hands and knees on the trampoline. As they find balance, the penetrating partner can position themselves behind the receiving partner, eventually entering from behind with fingers, a penis, dildo, or toys. Bouncing together, this position allows for deep penetration and total excitement.

Shoulder Bounce

Have the penetrating partner sit up with legs criss-crossed on the trampoline. As the receiving partner kneels over them, they can almost sit back into their partner's lap. The receiving partner will hold onto the penetrating partner's shoulders, and push down to bounce. With the receiving partner's legs spread apart, the penetrating partner has open access for either fingering, using toys, or entering their partner with a sex toy or penis.

Good Vibes

Bringing a vibrator or other vibrating toys into the bedroom — or, well, a trampoline — can cause nothing short of a sexual commotion. If you want to spice up classic missionary or mutual masturbation feels good to you and your partner, incorporating a vibrator or a vibrating c*ck ring can maximize the bouncing with more direct mechanical stimulation. If you and your partner are already bouncing, turning up the vibes can really maximize everyone's pleasure.

If you and your date are yearning to try something new, having sex on a trampoline can be super exciting. Of course, it's important to understand the risks involved before getting it on outside. Although new positions can be totally hot, sometimes, the sexiest thing of all is being safe and informed. And if you've found a place to do it in private — a party of two on a trampoline can bounce you and your date into new waves of pleasure.

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