These 4 Personality Types Totally Respect Relationship Boundaries

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If you've ever dated someone who ignored or blew right past your personal boundaries, you know just how important having those boundaries respected can be to your mental and emotional health. For some people, the issue is that they naturally don't have a lot of boundaries, so they don't see the need for them. However, others test and trample on them intentionally, which is a sign that a person doesn't deserve to be in your life. Then there's another group of people who totally get it. The Myers-Briggs personality types who respect your boundaries tend to be the sort who also have pretty strong personal boundaries. They also prioritize the needs of others, so they're good at listening to what their partners need and don't push the issues. If that sounds like the kind of partner you're seeking, then swipe no further than these personality types who'll respect the boundaries you set in your relationship.


INTJ holds themselves to a very high standard, so they pride themselves on being good and thoughtful partners. They're also very independent and need a lot of space, so they have very clearly defined boundaries themselves. When someone lays out what they need from INTJ, this personality type will adhere to it to the letter out of respect. They despise people trying to push them around and would be mortified if someone thought they were being pushy.


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ISTJ might push boundaries in their work life if they don't believe those limitations make sense, but it's a totally different matter when it comes to their home and personal life. That's because they put a high value on loyalty, which they recognize means treating their partner with respect and kindness. A big part of being there for your partner is understanding their needs and not pushing them in ways that are hurtful or make them uncomfortable, so ISTJ knows when to back off. The caveat here is that they need to have these boundaries set out clearly, as they are very logic-based rather than intuitive.


INTP is mostly very good about respecting other boundaries, since they have pretty rigid ones they expect others to adhere to. However, INTP occasionally can't help but test them a little bit. They don't push past them but, they may poke at them a bit to see how flexible their partner is and to make sure they know exactly where the line is. Also, when it comes to giving unsolicited advice, INTP just can't seem to help themselves. But for a partner who's confident in speaking up when they believe their boundaries are being pushed, this personality type is the perfect match.


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ISTP is a bit of a contradiction; they're very flexible and able to go with the flow — until they're not. They have strong boundaries and when they're reached ISTP expects them to be respected, period. This makes ISTP the ideal personality type to respect others' boundaries in return because, for the most part, their partner's boundaries won’t conflict with their own. At the same time, when they come up against someone's limit or needs, they see them as totally valid and worthy of respect.

Maintaining boundaries in any relationship can be a challenge and everyone runs into them at some point. These personality types just make it a little (and, in some cases at lot) easier to let your guard down when you're with them.