4 Personality Types Who Don’t Hesitate To Set Relationship Boundaries

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Setting boundaries is an important step in creating a healthy relationship. For some people, however, that can be challenging, especially early on in the relationship when all you want to do is be as close to one another as possible. That is unless they're one of the Myers-Briggs personality types who set relationship boundaries quickly, so you can know exactly where they stand and what they expect right from the start.

These personality types tend to have a particular need for personal space. They've likely been in relationships before where they had that time infringed upon or dealt with emotional manipulation, and have no intention of doing so again. They're also personality types that're more direct in general, so you always know where you stand with them. If that sounds like the kind of relationship you've been looking for, then one of these boundary-setting personality types just might be your soulmate.

ISTP (The Virtuoso)

ISTPs tend to be quite reserved, yet flexible, except when it comes to their personal boundaries, which they have no issue expressing right from the start. This personality type is highly independent and requires a fair amount of personal space. They're also very upfront about needing time to just be present in their own thoughts and work through any challenges they're facing, or ideas they're exploring. ISTPs are fairly private people who only let a selected few get close enough to really understand their deepest feelings. As a result, anyone who breaks that trust or teases them for something they shared in confidence will quickly understand how seriously ISTPs take their boundaries. In return, they give the same weight of importance to the boundaries of those around them and won’t try to push or violate them.

INTP (The Logician)

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INTPs have very strict personal boundaries when it comes to emotional manipulation. This personality type sees the world through extremely logical eyes and sometimes isn't super aware of other people's emotions, so they need a partner who isn’t shy about directly saying how they're feeling and what they need. INTPs will do their best to meet those needs, provided it doesn’t infringe on their desire for personal space, but they have absolutely no patience for passive-aggressiveness or any other forms of manipulation. They'll set the boundaries from the outset and expect to have them respected. That being said, INTPs have been known to test the boundaries of those around them when they don’t see the logical reason for them.

ENTJ (The Commander)

ENTJs have a commanding presence and tend to fall into leadership roles in every area of their lives, including relationships. As such, they're quick to lay out exactly what they expect from the people in their lives. They're not shy about making their boundaries very clear. They take their relationships very seriously and are in it to win it, and the best way to do that is with open communication, goals, and follow-through. Like INTPs, this personality type has no patience for passive-aggressiveness or people who play emotional games. This means one of their strictest boundaries is open and direct communication at all times. You can count on the same from them in return.

ISTJ (The Logistician)

ISFJs may be more on the quiet and reserved end of the personality spectrum, but they aren’t going to let anyone push them around. This personality type has no problem setting personal boundaries in their relationship, especially when it comes to how they're treated. ISTJs know their worth and expect their partner to be respectful and loyal. If you give your word, ISTJ counts on you to keep it, and you can expect the same in return. ISTJs go into the relationship with open hearts and minds, but once their trust is broken it's very difficult to earn it back. So, if they set a boundary, respect it, and know they'll do the same.

While all the Myers-Briggs personality types have their own version of boundaries and ways of setting them, with the ones above you'll know where you stand with them and what they need right from day one. Not only can that make it easier to meet their needs, but it offers you an opportunity to voice your expectations and boundaries, too. That puts you one big step closer to a happy and healthy romance.

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