INTF is one of the Myers-Briggs personality types that prioritize their relationships
4 Myers-Briggs Personality Types That Prioritize Their Relationships

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Raise your hand if you've ever had someone cancel a date on you because they made better plans 🙋. For some people, a night out with the crew > a night out with you, and TBH, they need to get their priorities in order. However, for the Myers-Briggs personality types that prioritize their relationships, cancelled dates are simply not a thing. For those who put their relationships first, not even a violent case of food poisoning could make them flake out on plans with a partner. (Though if that's the case, you should probably tell them to stay home for both of your sakes.)

Unreliable SOs don't necessarily care less about you than someone who always keeps plans. It's hard to say no when all your friends are going on a ski trip the same weekend you're supposed to visit your SO's great aunt in the nursing home. But it's usually the case that the personality types who take their relationships the most seriously are also the ones who don't make plans with a partner lightly. Not sure what your personality type is? Take the test to find out. You might be one of the types who always prioritizes their partner over potentially better offers.

ENTJ (The Commander)
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As the name suggests, Commanders are goal-oriented and tend to enter new relationships with the objective of making them last. Full of energy and enthusiasm, ENTJs are natural-born leaders, and just as a Commander would never let their troops down, this personality type hates nothing more than to disappoint a partner. An ENTJ gladly takes initiative on the romantic front, and as a result, they feel personally responsible for the success or failure of the relationship. And because success is really the only "acceptable" option for them, the chance of a Commander flaking out on date night to hang out with friends is slim to none.

INFJ (The Advocate)

The Advocate is one of the rarest personality types, and few people take romantic relationships quite as seriously as they do. Casual dating may work for some, but for INFJs, there's nothing casual about finding love. Those with this personality type are meticulous when it comes to finding the right match, and they tend to devote a lot of their time to that process. And once these decisive types encounter The One, that person is usually prioritized above all else. Advocates truly cherish their relationships and always honor their commitments, so if you're looking for a fling, dating an INFJ is probably not for you.

ENFJ (The Protagonist)
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Like Commanders, Protagonists love to take charge. People with this personality type tend to make great politicians, coaches, and teachers, and so it makes sense that they make dependable lovers, too. Although they may seem like solitary types, ENFJs are actually happiest when they're coupled up. Protagonists are always looking to the future rather than living in the moment, and devoting their time to a promising relationship will always trump other plans. ENFJs find it important to prove their worthiness and dependability as partners, and no matter what stage of the relationship they're in, their partner always comes first.

ENFP (The Campaigner)

Campaigners are free spirits. They tend to live in the moment, but it's not because they're pleasure-seekers — it's because they treasure making social and emotional connections with others. Few types are more fun to date than ENFPs, as they are eager to continually introduce their partners to new and exciting experiences. But surprisingly, that enthusiasm doesn't fizzle out over time. Campaigners take their relationships just as seriously as these other types, and once they feel a connection to someone, they devote themselves whole-heartedly to that person. When they fall deep, no one can match an ENFP's level of commitment and reliability.

If you're done with casual relationships and unreliable partners, try dating one of these types. You'll never have to deal with cancelled dates, unasnwered texts, and rain checks ever again.