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4 Myers-Briggs Personality Types Who Are Almost Always Single


Despite what rom-coms might lead you to believe, being single is not the worst. In fact, some people may even (gasp!) prefer the single life over being coupled up. Just think about it: When you're single, you don't have to answer to anyone. You can hang out with whoever you want, vacation wherever you want, and watch whatever you want on TV. Whether your current status is dating without commitment or 100% single lady, there are some Myers-Briggs personality types who are single most of the time and like it that way. You do you, girl.

If you're consistently single and wondering why, it may just be that your personality is better suited for the single life. That doesn't mean you'll never find yourself a partner if you decide you want one, of course. It just means that you like to make your own rules and do things your own way, and that's A-OK. The right person will likely understand that and give you the freedom that you thrive on. Not sure what your personality type is? Take the test to find out. There may be a reason why being single sounds way more fun to you than being in a relationship.

ISTP (The Virtuoso)

No one can hold an ISTP down, and most people have a hard time even figuring an ISTP out. Virtuosos love spontaneity, which tends to make them a little inconsistent and, of course, resistant to commitment. TBH, thinking about the future is pretty scary for ISTPs. They are so into living in the moment that they can barely decide what to eat for dinner, nevertheless settle down with a person for potentially the rest of their life.

Virtuosos are entirely unpredictable, so the last thing they need in their life is an SO who sends texts saying, "Where r u?" ISTPs like to do what they want and who they want (they're sensuous and experimental people — they can't help wanting plenty of variety in the bedroom). People with this personality might be down for dating a person who gives them plenty of space, but when it comes to traditional relationships, they're more likely than most to take a hard pass.

ESFP (The Entertainer)

Commitment? You don't know her. For ESFPs, being in a relationship is kind of pointless (unless, of course, that relationship gives them a partner who wants to have as much fun as they do). They're not into silly fights and heavy heart-to-hearts. Entertainers are free spirits, after all. Rather than think about family planning, they'd rather plan a bar crawl with all of their friends (who, ideally, are also all single).

Admittedly, Entertainers can be a little immature when it comes to dating. People with this personality don't tend to compromise, especially when an SO threatens to hold them back from doing their own thing. Experience and growth may change an ESFP's mind about commitment in the long-run, but until then, they'll be putting their hands up along with all the other single ladies in the club.

INFP (The Mediator)

Mediators have high hopes and even higher standards. They're not going to settle for anyone, and ideally, their dream partner is going to come riding into their life on a white stallion and whisk them off to a castle. For INFPs, they're looking to live that Meghan Markle life or nothing at all. And no, it's not because INFPs are snobs. It's because they're dreamy idealists, and they're not going to sell themselves short.

INFPs are also pretty shy and reserved, so it can be difficult for people with this personality type to put themselves out there. For them, being single is preferable to being with a lackluster partner, and it's even easier to sit back and wait for that person when they can't work up the courage to make the first move anyway. Mediators aren't rushing to commit, and while they can make it pretty hard on themselves to find a partner, these types are usually willing to commit to the right person for life.

ISFJ (The Defender)

Like INFPs, ISFJs are notoriously and almost unbearably shy. It's hard for Defenders to open themselves up to another person, so people with this personality aren't likely to approach a relationship lightly. While they admire commitment and take it very seriously, an ISFJ's tendency to repress feelings and hide emotions means that very few people actually get the opportunity to date a Defender.

Defenders are incredibly generous, but — like Entertainers — they don't like to compromise, especially when it comes to their values. Their perfectionism combined with their aversion to self-expression means that any potentially partner is going to be put through the wringer. A Defender isn't looking to change for anyone, but if someone does manage to meet an INFP's standards and crack their tough exterior, they'll find themselves with a deeply loving and committed partner.

Never feel obligated to settle if being single is what makes you happy. Whether you set your standards high or you're simply having too much fun being Miss Independent, remember that you don't necessarily need a partner to have a happily ever after.