These 4 Personality Types Appreciate All Your Unique Little Quirks

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One of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing you're loved for exactly who you are, including all the unique little things that make you, well, you. Maybe it's the way you laugh, how excited you get about new experiences, or that you can't help but cry during sappy movies — basically all the small traits that add up to create your personality. Nothing beats feeling truly seen and appreciated by someone you love, so if that seems like the kind of relationship you want, then there are a handful of Myers-Briggs personality types who'l love all your little quirks. Move these to the very top of your swipe-right list.

These personality types tend to be unique characters themselves. They like being kept on their toes by eccentric people, and have a natural fascination with human nature. They're also a bit idiosyncratic themselves, so they get why being different is a strength and something to admire. Here are the personality types you should keep an eye out for if someone like this sounds up your alley.

INTJ (The Architect)

INTJs are highly original, and while they're skeptical about many things, they're very open-minded when it comes to other people. Their biggest turn-ons are intelligence and uniqueness, so your best bet is to just be yourself when you're with them. They want to fall for who you are, rather than who you think you should present yourself as, so all your small, defining characteristics will be the things INTJ appreciates most.

ENTP (The Debater)

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ENTPs tend to have quick minds and quicker wits, but occasionally, all that cleverness can make them feel like they’ve seen it all. Because of this, someone who's truly themselves and different from the crowd is both attractive and intriguing to this personality type. They want someone who can keep them on their toes and truly be themselves with confidence.

ISFJ (The Defender)

For ISFJs, attraction tends to be less physical and more about a person's spirit. As such, they want to understand the person they're with on a deep level and appreciate them for being exactly who they are. They're very tapped into the needs and desires of their partner and strive to always be considerate. Part of that is getting to know their quirks. They love their partner's eccentricities because they're one of the many things that differentiate them from everyone else.

ESTP (The Entrepreneur)

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ESTPs are very flexible and can get along with just about anyone, so personality quirks aren't deal-breakers for them. If anything, they find them endearing — even more so as they establish a closer connection to their partner. They're often intrigued by unique people and want nothing more than to uncover and learn about all their quirky qualities. In fact, it's this feeling of discovery that excites ESTP and keeps the passion burning.

You don't need to be New Girl-level quirky to get on these personality types' radars. But if you appreciate being, well, appreciated for really standing out from the pack, they're going to spot you from a mile away, and love you for the unique individual you are.