4 Kylie & Stormi Moments From Travis Scott’s ‘Look Mom I Can Fly’ That'll Melt Your Heart

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

OMG, who knew Travis Scott's new Netflix documentary would have moments that bring tears to your eyes. Like truly, I need a tissue and you will too. Trust, the Kylie and Stormi moments in Travis Scott’s Look Mom I Can Fly doc will melt the iciest of hearts.

On Aug. 28, Netflix premiered its new documentary about Travis Scott. It details his rise to fame while crafting his Grammy-nominated album Astroworld while he juggles becoming a father and dealing with controversy in the media. It also includes footage of him and Kylie Jenner as they become an item and then parents. Yep, Stormi's all up in it from the baby-bump stage to 1-year-old tiny tot. There's also a ton of rare and intimate family footage, including the birth of Stormi Webster.

In a clip of the doc posted to Twitter, Jenner is getting an ultrasound and Scott is so protective of Jenner and unborn Stormi. It's so cute and funny. Like, seriously look at how hard Scott is eyeing the doctor and Jenner's baby bump. He wants no problems, doc.

In another clip, you can see a montage of other precious moments, like Scott sitting next to Jenner's hospital bed before she gives birth.

It's followed by a clip of him holding Jenner's hand and then the most heartwarming moment of them all, Stormi's little baby hand waving around. It's also followed by Jenner snuggling with her newborn. Ermygawshhhh, so cute.

Like, look at baby Stormi snuggled in all those blankets and a teeny-tiny beanie. I'm crying...

Another clip from the documentary, shows Scott, Jenner, and Stormi at one of Scott's shows. A massive crowd is chanting "Stormi" as Scott holds her on the side of the stage. Sweet Stormi is seen taking it in like the goddess she is as her parents smile on. Aww...

A fourth clip from the doc features Stormi looking absolutely adorable. She's sitting in a baby-sized glittery pink convertible with her name printed on the license plate. Bawse! She's driving down the hallway looking back at her parents who are wearing the same cloud-printed sweatshirt as her. OMG, family goals. I'm going to cry again... The footage is about three seconds, but that's all I need.

As of late, the three-part family has been making some major moves together. On Aug. 27, Scott, Jenner, and Stormi attended Scott's Look Mom I Can Fly premiere in Los Angeles. They stepped out of a custom red jet that had the documentary title printed on the side, kinda like Jenner's pink Kylie Skin jet. I wonder if Stormi has a jet yet... Maybe the parents are waiting for her 2nd birthday... Anyway, Stormi looked bomb, sporting an athleisure-chic ensemble of white sneakers with a brown, green and white-printed top and pants that matched Jenner's white dress and Scott's brown suit perfectly.

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The trio posed for the most adorable photos together and I can't help but notice how much Scott seems like he can never get enough of his girlfriend and little one. It's so sweet. I wish this family the absolute best. Now excuse me, I have a heartwarming Netflix documentary to watch again.