4 Cute “I Miss You” Texts To Send Your Partner When You’re Long-Distance

Once you've decided that being in a long-distance relationship is something you're willing to try, keeping the connection between you and bae strong is key. Fortunately, coming up with some cute texts to send your partner when you’re long-distance can be a great way to show them you care. Even though life can get super busy, when you're long-distance, making extra effort to be present in your partner's daily life can make a big difference your relationship unfolds. According to relationship coach, psychologist, and author of Resilient Me: How to Worry Less and Achieve More, Sam Owen, texting daily, in addition to weekly video chats is a solid way to stay connected.

"It's nice to start and end your day connecting with each other even if you can't speak for the rest of the day," Owen previously told Elite Daily. "Ensure at least one video chat [per week] is a quality chat for a reasonable length of time where neither feels like they are being rushed. Connect on the phone for the same frequency if you can’t via video chat." If you need some romantic inspiration, here are some sweet texts that'll let bae know they're on your mind.

Let Them Know When You're Feeling Cuddly.
Hi babe, just laying in bed wishing you were here to cuddle with me. I'm counting the minutes until you're back in my arms!

As someone who did long-distance for two years, one of the hardest parts for me was missing out on physical affection. Even though it can be tough to sleep without your partner, it can be comforting to let them know how intensely you're going to cuddle them when you're reunited. Even if you're in different time zones, chances are, when they get home, they'll be feeling the same way.

Spread The Love.
I love you, baby.

Assuming you've both already expressed the depth of your feelings in person, texting your partner a simple "I love you" text while you're going about the day can mean so much. It communicates that no matter how far apart you are, your feelings for them aren't going anywhere.

Grab A Meal At Your Favorite Date Spot And Send Them Some Food Porn.
Hey love! After I got off work, I had a serious craving for [fill-in-the-blank]. It's definitely not the same without my partner in crime, but here are some obscenely delicious pics to hold you over.

When I was doing long-distance, nothing would make me misty-eyed like walking past one of my partner and I's favorite places to eat while we were apart. But one day, I got such a strong craving that I had to go in. It was so much fun to text him funny pics of our favorite dishes.

Get Specific.
Right now, I would kill to see your beautiful smile IRL!

Telling your partner you miss them, no matter how sweet, can start to feel a tad bit repetitive. Going into detail about what part of them you're missing the most at the moment — their smell, their body, their smile, their laugh — can keep your communication feeling fresh and exciting. And if you're both open to it, the conversation might even take a sensual turn.

Even though long-distance relationships aren't easy, they can be just as rewarding as more geographically convenient ones. As long as both people are willing to come up with creative ways to stay connected and make each other feel loved, it's always possible to make it work.