4 Small Gestures That Might Mean Your SO Wants To Marry You

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For some, dating can be a precursor to eventually finding that special someone to tie the knot with. If you're wondering whether or not your partner is ready to take the next step, keeping an eye out for the gestures that mean your partner wants to marry you can be very telling. After all, if they do end up popping the question, you're probably going to want to have had time to consider your feelings about making a commitment of that magnitude.

To get a better idea of the things a partner might say or do once they know they want to marry you, I spoke with NYC-based relationship expert and love coach Susan Winter. She says it's not so easy to know for certain where your partner's head is when it comes to proposing. "Sometimes it's hard to tell because your partner is afraid you'll say no," Winter tells Elite Daily. "Instead, they may hint about a ring or mention living in a certain location with you. Or, your partner may start acting oddly. These are the 'pre-ask' jitters." Here are some more gestures that could mean your partner already knows you're "the one" they want to spend their life with.

They've made it clear to you that you're a part of their family.
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If you've noticed that your partner has started including you in regular family time, then this could be a sign they're eager to make a lasting commitment. This is especially true if you've met everyone close to them, and they've made it clear they already see you as part of their family. "This is code for, 'I want you to know this person is very special,'" says Winter. "The difference is that it's about intention. It's not just 'I'm bringing my partner home for the holidays.' It's, 'How do you feel about her being a part of our lives?'"

They find ways to subtly bring up their thoughts on marriage.

"Some partners broach the subject of marriage with caution," explains Winter. "They want to take your emotional temperature first, in order to gauge your response, and see if you're open to the idea in general." So, if you've had a few conversations about marriage that have gone well, your SO could be trying to figure out where your head's at.

They're eager to talk about a future together.
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According to Winter, if your SO is "engaging you in visions of your future together," then they could be thinking about popping the question. "It will sound like romantic daydreaming," says Winter. "You'll notice your partner creating vivid scenarios of you in his or her vision of the future. There's a 'plan' and it definitely includes you."

They seem on-edge.

Sometimes, when your partner is planning on proposing or broaching the topic of marriage soon, they might start acting a little jittery or out of character. "You'll notice them editing themselves, and monitoring your responses to everything from 'what do you want to eat' to the Netflix show you watch," explains Winter. "They're in hyperdrive anticipation mode."

Needless to say, getting married is a major decision. So, if you suspect your partner might be thinking about a serious future with you, all you can do is prepare yourself by making sure you know how you feel about the idea. This way, if they do ask, you can give them an honest answer.

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