4 DIY Rihanna Costumes That Are So, So Iconic For Halloween This Year

OK, guys, how are we doing on our Halloween costumes? Figured out what you're wearing yet? We've given you a bunch of ideas, so hopefully you've got a killer costume by now since we're only two weeks away from the best holiday out of all the holidays. But in case you haven't, we've rounded up some amazing DIY Rihanna costumes to help you slay this Halloween.

We're all in agreement that Rihanna is the fashion icon of our time. I am the biggest Beyoncé stan in the world, and even I will admit that no one holds a candle to Rihanna's fashion. (I love you Bey and your fashion is to die, but Rihanna is just... Rihanna.) Because of that, there's a sh*t ton of looks you can recreate for your Halloween costume this year. The best part about her fashion is that she always, always looks good, so even if you want to take a funnier spin on your Rihanna costume and dress up as, say, her taking her wine with her after she eats at restaurants, you'll still probably look better than everyone else because Rihanna always comes correct. So here are some perfect DIY Rihanna costumes to help you win Halloween 2017:

1. Fenty Beauty Launch Rihanna

BRYAN R. SMITH / Getty Images

Rihanna slayed us again with the mustard yellow look at the U.S. Fenty Beauty Launch. If you remember Rihanna's 2016 Met Gala look with the long, embellished mustard-yellow robe, then you know how much the color mustard yellow belongs to Rihanna (and Beyoncé in the "Hold Up" video). If you don't remember Rihanna's 2016 Met Gala look, how dare you?

You can recreate Rihanna's Fenty Beauty launch look with the help of these items:

Yellow High Low Skirt: $45


Yellow Tie Front Crop Top: $35


The final things you'll need are gold strappy heels and lots of gold jewelry. And don't forget to throw on some Fenty Beauty products!

2. Fenty x Puma Rihanna


There are few things to wear in the world that are more comfortable than an oversized sweatshirt, and Bad Gal RiRi knows that. That's why she included them in her Fenty x Puma line. You can recreate Rihanna's exact oversized sweatshirt look by purchasing the sweatshirt on Puma's website and pairing it with white sneakers, white tube socks, a messy bun, and a gold necklace. Because there's literally nothing better than a Halloween costume that's stylish and comfortable as hell.

The sweatshirt is kind of pricey at $120, however, so you'll really have to think about if you want to commit to buying it. You'll obviously wear it more than once because it's amazing enough to wear anywhere, but it won't be kind to your wallet, so choose wisely. If you decide you want a cheaper option, you can get a green oversized sweatshirt like this men's one from ASOS:

Longline Sweatshirt With Curved Hem: $32


To give it an added RiRi flare, throw in your most stylish pair of sunglasses. Rihanna's Dior sunglasses are super polarized and futuristic. Amazon has a lot of similar options that won't destroy your wallet.

Futuristic Wrap Around Monoblock Shield Sunglasses: $10.99


Rihanna didn't wear sunglasses in the above Fenty x Puma look, but sunnies are still a RiRi staple, so go for it.

3. "Work" Music Video Rihanna

RihannaVEVO on YouTube

Rihanna wore a fishnet dress with Rasta hues in a majority of the "Work" music video, and it's actually really easy look to recreate because there are tons of dresses online just like it!

Although RiRi wore a dress by Tommy Hilfiger that costs a pretty penny, there are lots of fishnet dresses just like it on Amazon, like this perfect dress:

Fishnet Rasta Bikini Cover Up Tunic Dress: $32.99

It's a little shorter than Rihanna's dress, but it still gets the job done perfectly. You can wear a bikini underneath it like Rihanna did, or you can wear a one-piece bathing suit of your choosing, or you can wear a black or nude slip dress. All are fantastic options. Pair it with a chunky gold choker and you're ready to work. Get it? Rihanna wore green lipstick in the video, and you can find a similar one on Amazon for cheap.

4. "This Wine Is Mine" Rihanna

A hero of a Twitter user made a thread that consists just of Rihanna leaving restaurants and taking her wine with her. This is my favorite Rihanna out of all of the Rihannas. Since she's wearing a typical RiRi outfit in each of these photos, you can basically just wear an outfit you love and pair it with a glass of wine and some Fenty Beauty makeup. Yet again, Rihanna provides us with the perfect costume. You can easily recreate this red dress with red wine look below:

And you do so by getting a long, thin-strapped, red velvet dress, pair it with some strappy heels and your favorite black leather jacket, and you're on your way. Here's how you create this look:

Red Spaghetti Strap Velvet Dress: $57


Black Circular Sunglasses: $9.99


Put a black bow in your hair and pair it with your favorite dark lipstick and you're set. But don't forget the wine. Never forget the wine.