4 Betty & Veronica 'Riverdale' Costumes To Do With Your BFF This Halloween

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Rachel and Monica. Daria and Jane. Serena and Blair. We could go on naming TV BFFs that would also make excellent Halloween costumes if you're going as a pair... There's one new duo in particular to add to the growing list: Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. Riverdale is all the rage and it's coming back for Season 2 this month, so if you're a fan and you're looking for Halloween inspo, dressing up as the two leading ladies is pretty much a no-brainer. Betty and Veronica Riverdale costumes are the perfect way to show your appreciation for the CW show, and achieving their looks might be easier than you think.

Betty and Veronica both have relatively distinct and recognizable signature personal styles, as you may have noticed. Whether you're pearls or ponytail (I think you know who's who by now, Riverdale fans), there's a variety of ways you can go when it comes to taking on their respective ensembles. The show's wardrobe department has one of the most covetable closets we've seen on television, but just because you're not a professional stylist, doesn't mean you can't be your best Lodge or Cooper-fied self.

Grab your bestie, a milkshake, and give these #Beronica costume ideas a shot.

Sporty and Casual

Black Athletic Shorts, $14, Amazon | White Stripe Socks, $10, Amazon

This River Vixen tryout look is one of the memorable and uniform ensembles worn by both Betty and Veronica from the show. Plus, it's super comfy and low-maintenance and the #twinning hashtag applies, no question. All you need is a three-quarter length baseball tee in yellow and white like the one from Zoom Digital on Amazon. Of course, you'll need black athletic shorts like these from Sweetylove on Amazon, which go for around $13. And don't forget those knee-highs. Coveur has them on Amazon. If you're Veronica — grab your pearls.

River Vixen Cheerleaders
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Cheerleader Costume, $13, Amazon | Turtle Neck Long Sleeve Leotard, $24, Amazon | Yellow Letter R, $7, Amazon

Being a cheerleader for Halloween is one thing, but being a River Vixen is a whole other story... If you've got Riverdale spirit (yes you do!) then wear that blue and gold proudly. And don't forget to bring the heat, or Cheryl might roll her eyes at you... There are plenty of blue cheerleading outfits out there, like this SWISH costume on Amazon. Pair it with a white turtleneck — this Capezio option is $24. If you're feeling crafty, embroider a yellow R patch.

Everyday Betty & Veronica

Betty's Alice & Olivia crown sweater is almost sold out everywhere (duh) and will cost you at least a whopping $350 anyway, but there are other ways to get her day-to-day girl-next-door style on point. Just keep it sweet and simple. A classic baby pink sweater (this Elosele example is around $20) will do. Just pair it with a white collared shirt with a cute embellished collar. This Boohoo option from Amazon is just $32. Betty is down with light layering, guys. And a pony tail is a must.

Pink Sweater, $20, Amazon | Embellished Collar Shirt, $32, Amazon

Even though Betty's the one with the secret dark side, Veronica's palette usually stays away from pastels. Black lace, plaid dresses, peter pan collars, capes, and pearls are all part of the former New Yorker's sartorial repertoire. Every example below will run you under $30, so no Lodge Industries money necessary.

Lace Black Dress, $27, Amazon | Plaid Dress, $16, Amazon | Wool Poncho Jacket, $12, Amazon | Pearl Necklace, $2, Amazon

Dark Betty and Veronica

Dark Betty is undoubtedly a lot of people's fave Betty. If you're willing to channel that side of her, the attitude (and the wig — this Amazon hair do is $13) are key. Add a black lace cami or bra and start practicing that strut. For Veronica, all you need is a black swim or cat suit and some signature savvy sass.

Black Wig, $13, Amazon | Black Cami, $3, Amazon

Whether you're going full dark or you're down for for a more classic or comfy interpretation, there are a lot of obtainable Betty & Veronica Riverdale looks out there. Just don't let guys, unsolved mysteries, longstanding family feuds, or anything get between you and your BFF.