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38 Instagram Captions For Virtual Christmas Party Pics & All The Elfies

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It's pretty cold outside, but luckily, you're staying toasty and warm inside for your virtual Christmas party. As you spread some holiday cheer with your loved ones, you'll want to capture all the merry memories, which will make these Instagram captions for virtual Christmas party pics come in handy.

A virtual Christmas party means it's easier than ever to capture a hilarious action shot of one of your relatives showing off their ugly Christmas sweater, considering a screenshot is just a few clicks away. You can get some LOL-worthy photos of your fam reindeer racing and pair your screenshot with an equally as funny caption. Or, have a total #elfie moment, and take a selfie with your laptop and all your loved ones' faces in the screen for a family toasting photo. As you swap virtual Secret Santa gifts, you can take a snap of your bestie's surprised face and post it on the 'gram with a caption about being Santa's best helper. Your followers will be delighted to see all the joyful ways you're staying connected.

Even though you're not celebrating in person with your friends and family, these Instagram captions for virtual Christmas party pics can help make this year's holidays just as special.

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1. "No Scrooges allowed."

2. "'Tis the season for Zoomin.'"

3. "Kiss-mas through the phone."

4. "Mac dab in the middle of Christmas dinner."

5. "Merry Christmas from me and my laptop to you and yours."

6. "Yule know Christmas is over when the laptop dies."

7. "No elf left behind."

8. "Virtual Christmas? We sleigh-ed it."

9. "I am deer in spirit."

10. "It's the people who feel like ho-ho-home."

11. "Did someone say 'Home Alone?'"

12. "No matter where you are, I still love yule."

13. "The holidays must go on."

14. "Toasting through the screen."

15. "'Twas the Zoom before Christmas."

16. "Spending some quali-tree time with the fam."

17. "In pine company tonight."

18. "Just celebrating wreath the squad."

19. "That was a pretty good party, if I do say snow myself."

20. "You guys have snow idea how much I love you."

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21. "Fuzzy slippers, online kisses."

22. "Havin' a carol-ful Christmas."

23. "Any kind of Christmas party is simply blitz-ful."

24. "The elves reunited at last."

25. "Screen recording so I don't mistletoe anything."

26. "Aren't we snow cute?"

27. "Snow time like family time."

28. "The snow must go on."

29. "Jingling on the couch for this party."

30. "This party is happening."

31. "Sleighing the Christmas shenanigans."

32. "Stockings were hung by the laptop with care."

33. "One little, two little, three little peppermint martinis."

34. "Deer's no place like home."

35. "Even the Grinch would approve."

36. "Zooming in a Christmas wonderland."

37. "Little Christmas party elfie."

38. "The Grinch was not invited."

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