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38 IG Captions For Your Backyard Wedding Celebration & The Romantic Mems

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Your wedding day came in the blink of an eye. Now, your siblings are setting up white chairs in your backyard as you slip on the gown of your dreams in your bedroom. In this moment, you're excited and nervous at the same time, and daydreaming about the stunning photos you're going to pose for after saying, "I do." The sweet, little details such as the Instagram captions for backyard wedding celebration pics are already taken care of for you, so you can simply focus on soaking up the wedding day bliss.

There's something truly unique and intimate about having a small wedding celebration in your backyard, and you don't want to forget one second of it. You'll want to remember grabbing your bouquet off the kitchen counter and seeing your closest friends take their seats from the other side of the window. When you're standing in front of your immediate family, you'll want to take a glance at your backyard and notice how your space has been totally transformed into the venue of your dreams.

Maybe your mom or the mom figure in your life set up high-tops so you can enjoy a cocktail hour after taking photos. Maybe there are a ton of twinkly lights strung along your deck that'll set the mood during your dinner. A station where you'll cut your tasty cake may have been set up, too, and a makeshift dance floor where you'll dance with the love of your life.

Taking in the scenery and soaking up the good feels of the day will be a #must, and you won't have to take your attention away from it all at any given moment. Below are 38 captions for your backyard wedding celebration and posting all of the mems you make on the 'gram.

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1. "The most beautiful wedding of them all."

2. "This is probably the coolest thing I've done in my backyard."

3. "Today, I think I'll walk outside and get married."

4. "I'd marry you anytime and anywhere."

5. "A backyard wedding with my favorite people."

6. "Happily ever after starts at home."

7. "Here's to me, you, and our pup, too."

8. "Nothing fancy, just love."

9. "What a wedding weekend, huh?"

10. "Forever can start wherever you want it to."

11. "I want to dance all our dances right here."

12. "Thank you for celebrating us. It was perfect."

13. "Come as you are, stay as long as you can."

14. "We've got good feelings and good company."

15. "A backyard wedding has a nice ring to it."

16. "The vows are here, the cake is there, but love is everywhere."

17. "Of all the backyard hangouts we've had, this one is by far my favorite."

18. "Let's get married and play lawn games."

19. "Can't say 'I do' without my backyard and my boo."

20. "Surrounded by lanterns, lights, and a whole lot of love."

21. "I am yours, and you are mine."

22. "Just couldn't wait another second to say, 'I do.'"

23. "With you, we could be going to the backyard and it'd still be an adventure."

24. "First, we get married. Then, we snuggle up on the couch."

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25. "You are home and an adventure all at once."

26. "I choose you every day."

27. "A first dance I'll never forget."

28. "I'm so lucky that I get to be by your side."

29. "Now accepting wedding gifts in our mailbox."

30. "Flowers? Check. Dress? Check. Love? Check."

31. "Love is sweet, and this photo is a real treat."

32. "We decided on forever."

33. "Tying the knot in our backyard."

34. "Did we just get married in the backyard? Yup!"

35. "See you in the backyard, babe."

36. "A sparkling night with some special people."

37. "I couldn't pick just one photo to post from our backyard wedding."

38. "Just married..."

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