Two women laugh while eating breakfast in a bright kitchen at home.

36 Captions For Thanksgiving Breakfast That'll Really Pancake Your Day


While the turkey takes the spotlight as the main holiday attraction, you need a Thanksgiving breakfast as well to complete your day. Before everyone takes to the kitchen to start prepping, kick off your morning by enjoying a delicious breakfast in your PJs while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Along with your eggs and bacon, serve some captions for Thanksgiving breakfast for group pics of your loved ones all together.

The best part is your Thanksgiving breakfast tradition can extend to the next morning too. The day after Thanksgiving, though, you'll have a variety of delicious leftovers to work with. Put some turkey, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce with a fried egg in a dinner roll to make the most epic breakfast sandwich ever.

Just because Thanksgiving dinner is the main course of the day, that doesn't mean breakfast needs to take a backseat. Instead, you should be extra prepared for your first meal of the day — and the day after — by having these 36 captions ready to use for whatever foodie pic or family PJ selfie you end up snapping in the a.m.

1. "Thanksgiving breakfast is my jam."

2. "This is how we casserole."

3. "I'm egg-cited for Thanksgiving breakfast."

4. "In this house, we call leftovers breakfast."

5. "I plan on eating a waffle lot today."

6. "There's a turkey to be cooked. But first, breakfast."


7. "Breakfast is the true tur-key to my heart."

8. "In my coffeelings."

9. "This breakfast is bacon me very happy."

10. "This breakfast is the stuff(ing) of dreams."

11. "I love breakfast cranberry much."

12. "If you thought I was skipping breakfast, you must be yolking."

13. "Never egg-nore breakfast."

14. "Now I coffeel ready for Thanksgiving."

15. "Leftovers for breakfast is basically like round two of Thanksgiving."

16. "Eggs-cuse me while I eat this breakfast sandwich."

17. "Casserollin' with my main people."

18. "I plan on casserollin' into breakfast in my PJs and slippers."

19. "Breakfast is butter when we enjoy it together."

20. "This is my breakfast club."

21. "I'd be muffin without my family on Thanksgiving."


22. "I couldn't skip breakfast even if I fried."

23. "I love you from my head to potatoes."

24. "This is the kind of toast I expect on Thanksgiving."

25. "This Thanksgiving is sure to be sunny-side up."

26. "Go ahead! Pancake my day."

27. "I'm on Thanksgiving break. Please doughnut disturb."

28. "My bae is bacon and eggs."

29. "You ain't seen muffin yet."

30. "My family and this coffee keep me grounded."

31. "I love eating breakfast with my family dough much."

32. "I yam a breakfast lover."

33. "Pie love eating pumpkin pie for breakfast."

34. "The day after Thanksgiving is Fry-day."

35. "What an egg-cellent spread."

36. "All my favorite yolks are here."