Two stylish friends sit at an outdoor restaurant in the city for Thanksgiving brunch.

26 Captions For Thanksgiving Brunch & Toasting To The Holiday


This year, you may be changing up your typical holiday plans. Instead of sitting around bowls of mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, you may be going to brunch with your best friends. You may be ordering items off the seasonal menu like sweet potato pancakes and apple cinnamon sangria, and posting them on social media with the captions for Thanksgiving brunch.

That sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate the season of giving and those pictures are likely going to rake in lots of comments and likes. Your loyal followers will see your festive plate on their feed and want to know where you got it, and what the flavors were like from the first bite to the last. You may reply with the thumbs up, heart eyes, or fire emoji, or send message like, "You have to go here."

Who knows, the following year you may see them going to their own Thanksgiving brunch and posing with fluffy waffles, mugs of hot apple cider, and dollops of whipped cream for the 'Gram. You may realize that you inspired the trend, while ordering a bowl of butternut squash soup and enjoying and the company of your best friends. For this year and all the Thanksgiving brunches to come, be sure to have a few captions on hand so you can easily post your toast and wish your followers a happy holiday.


1. "Thanks a brunch."

2. "Grateful for breakfast food, always."

3. "I love Thanksgiving a waffle lot."

4. "First, we brunch. Then, we do Thanksgiving things."

5. "Move over, coffee. The holidays are made for mimosas."

6. "Only have pies for this Thanksgiving brunch with my besties."

7. "If you're thankful for me, pass the syrup."

8. "We go together like breakfast food and Thanksgiving."

9. "Surround yourself with good food and better people."

10. "Football, breakfast food, and my best friends."

11. "Having brunches of fun on Thanksgiving this year."

12. Girls just wanna have brunch on Thanksgiving."

13. "Let's toast to Thanksgiving."

14. "Words cannot espresso how much I love the season of giving."

15. "For goodness bakes, it's already Thanksgiving?"

16. "Today my occupation is brunch enthusiast."


17. "The only thing I'll wake up early for is brunch and Thanksgiving."

18. "Treating myself to pumpkin spice and everything nice."

19. "I've never met a seasonal menu I didn't like."

20. "Do you know what's sweeter than these waffles? The pumpkin pie I'm going to have later."

21. "Going to brunch on Thanksgiving? What an egg-cellent idea."

22. "Orange you glad we went to Thanksgiving brunch?"

23. "Thanksgiving never goes bacon my heart."

24. "Gone brunchin’. Be back later."

25. "All we do is brunch, brunch, brunch."

26. "I like hashtags because they look like waffles."