Zemo The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Quotes

35 Zemo Quotes From 'The Falcon & The Winter Soldier' For Your Good & Bad Side


Baron Zemo was once a villain in Captain America: Civil War, but now, the MCU character played by Daniel Brühl has danced his way into fans' hearts. As a lovable antihero, Zemo has become a central character in Disney+'s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier alongside Anthony Mackie's The Falcon and Sebastian Stan's Winter Soldier. It's almost like they're now the MCU trio fans never knew they needed, and these Zemo quotes from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are just the captions you never knew you needed for your next Insta post.

While at times, you're unsure if you can trust Zemo because of his past, you know deep down all he wants is justice. It's actually been a little refreshing to have him around The Falcon and the Winter Soldier for some comedic relief. Sure, he has his serious moments, but one of the best scenes of the series is at the nightclub with Zemo dancing. Since Marvel knows how much fans love that moment, they even edited together an hour-long loop just so you can dance with Zemo at home if you'd like.

And just like Zemo, you have a bit of that good and bad energy in you. You can see it scrolling through your camera roll. You've got a good mix of serious selfies and LOL-worthy snaps with your besties. To add a bit of that Zemo spice to your next Insta post, just use any of these 35 Zemo quotes from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as your caption.

  1. "He knows. And not so deep down."
  2. "No matter what you saw in her, she's gone."
  3. "Only an American would assume a fashion-forward Black man looks like a pimp."
  4. "Super Soldiers cannot be allowed to exist."
  5. "Do we really have to litigate what may or may not have happened?"
  6. "You look exactly like the man you're supposed to be playing."
  7. "The desire to become a superhuman cannot be separated from supremacist ideals."
  8. "You must have really looked up to Steve."
  9. "She will not stop, she will escalate until you are forced to kill her. Or she kills you."
  10. "They become symbols. Icons. And then we start to forget about their flaws."
  11. "But there has never been another Steve Rogers, has there?"
  12. "Do we want to live in a world full of people like the Red Skull?"
  13. "Touché."
  14. "Gods amongst real people."
  15. "Your Titi would be proud of you."
  16. "No matter what happens, we have to stay in character."
  17. "Do you see these men there? They're very bad, not to be trusted."
  18. "I will not stop."
  19. "My associate is just up ahead."
  20. "If I may... apologies."
  21. "It was sweet of you to defend me at least."
  22. "And you'll give up your tour guide?"
  23. "You want some cherry blossom tea?"
  24. "My family was royalty until your friends destroyed my country."
  25. "I really think I'm invaluable."
  26. "Were you ever offered it?"
  27. "If it doesn't pass the smell test, give it to them."
  28. "People like us always find a way, don't we?"
  29. "No hesitation. That's impressive."
  30. "For what it's worth, I'm sorry."
  31. "You smell this?"
  32. "Trouble."
  33. "It was never personal. You were simply a means to a necessary end."
  34. "Luckily for you, I know where to begin."
  35. "I have the will to complete this mission. Do the two of you?"