Caucasian woman laughing and having fun at the park with her puppy dog

35 Funny Captions For Your Dog's Instagram That'll Instantly Have You LOLing

Your pup is always down for the adventure, they never fail to put a smile on your face, and they can cheer you up faster than anyone else. Dogs are not only sweet and beyond adorable, but they're also really hilarious. That’s why you need funny captions for your dog’s Instagram ready for a moment’s notice.

You never know when your dog will start chasing their tail and have you laughing so hard you’re crying. There are also those moments when your pup just gives you a look that makes you want to giggle. I have a feeling they know exactly what they’re doing when they’re being silly like that. They get a kick out of making you smile.

For such a silly pooch pic, you need a caption that matches their energy. Naturally, they probably have an Instagram account dedicated to their cuteness. That’s where these 35 funny dog captions come in handy. Don’t post your pup's adorable pic on its own, because the clever caption is the cherry on top.

Of course, any dog post is an automatic Instagram like from me, but to make sure your furry friend gets all the likes, consider a funny caption. So for every tail-wagging, fetch fail, and silly snap you get, you can be ready to post right instantly to your pooch's Insta with a caption that'll have your followers howling with laughter.


1. "I don't always bark at night, but when I do, it's for no reason."

2. "I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my squeak toy. Throw it, maybe."

3. "Paws what you're doing right now, and look at me."

4. "I'm so paw-fect. Love me fur-ever."

5. "Feeling quite fetching today."

6. "Bad to the bone." — George Thorogood & The Destroyers, "Bad To The Bone"

7. "Raise the woof!"

8. "I'm ready to paw-ty!"

9. "If you've had a ruff day, I'm here to make you feel better."

10. "Quit hounding me. I'm fetching as fast as possible."

11. "Who's a good boy? Well, I'm a good boy. Obvi!"

12. "Here's some advice: Stand up for yourself. Don't just roll over when someone tells you too. Unless they have treats."

13. "Cuteness overload, am I right?"

14. "Anything is paw-sible."

15. "Thank you fur being a friend."

16. "Sometimes, they call me 'Getbackhere.'"

17. "I have just met you, and I love you." — Up


18. "Oh yeah, that's the spot!"

19. "Will work for belly rubs."

20. "Trans-fur-mation Tuesday."

21. "Wait a minute... this isn't the park."

22. "Just pug-get about it."

23. "I dig it."

24. "I Shih Tzu not."

25. "No worries at all. It’s the leashed I can do."

26. "I'm all about that pug life."

27. "I deserve to be on the cover of Vanity Fur."

28. "Kids these days... When I was a pup, I only had one toy and one stick."

29. "Today is the day. I can feel it. Today is the day I catch that tail."

30. "I has to pee."

31. "I see you have food. I would also like food. Please give me your food."

32. "Don't stop retrievin'. Hold onto that feeling."

33. "I will always woof you."

34. "I'll steal your heart like I steal your side of the bed."

35. "Ugh, here comes the pup-arazzi again."