A happy couple smiles while looking off into the distance and holding a snow tube on a snowy hill.

35 Captions For Snow Tubing Pics & Enjoying A Winter Wonderland

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If you're all about living your #bestlife, you know that a perfectly snowy day is an invitation for fun. Along with wearing a bunch of toasty layers and having your snow tube in hand, you could enjoy an epic day sliding down hills. Since you likely don’t leave home for any adventure without your phone, be sure to snap away, and have these captions for snow tubing pics handy for when it comes time to document the day on Instagram.

Whether you’re heading to a hill solo or with your roommates, it’s imperative to follow the safety guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. According to the CDC, if you encounter people who are not in your immediate household when participating in outdoor activities, be sure to wear your mask and remain at least six feet apart from them. In addition, always adhere to any local mandates. Of course, an empty hill in your own backyard is your safest option for outdoor fun, and you’ll still get great snaps with your roomies.

Capture a video while going down a hill, or take a cute selfie while you’re chillin’ in your tube. Make sure you have enough room on your phone for all the silly candid shots you take throughout the day. Then, when you're back inside drinking hot cocoa, you can post your pics on Instagram with any of these 35 snow tubing captions.

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1. "There's snow way you're going to beat me down this hill."

2. "Having a tubular time with my friends."

3. "Chillin’ in the tube.”

4. "We’re going downhill today.”

5. "Just call me Snow White.”

6. "Life is good on a tube."

7. "Felt cute, might go snow tubing later.”

8. "Snow day fun."

9. "Sliding into your DMs like…”

10. "It was love at frost sight.”

11. "I'll meet you at the bottom."

12. "I'm on chill mode."

13. "Just snow business.”

14. "It's so ice to spend time with friends."

15. "There's snow place like home."

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16. "When in doubt, tube it out."

17. "Race ya?"

18. "I'm falling for you."

19. "Feelin’ snowy."

20. "Life is better on the slopes."

21. "Walking back up is a killer."

22. "Up, down, up, down.”

23. "I love tubing snow very much."

24. "Roomies who tube together, stay together."

25. "May the course be with you."

26. "Keep calm and tube on."

27. "To tube or not to tube?"

28. "I’m snow cold."

29. "I glove to go snow tubing with you."

30. "Smitten with my snow tube."

31. "Snow bunnies.”

32. "Chilling out. Literally."

33. "We’re going down."

34. "I think my tube is leaking."

35. "Snow way I’m going down that hill."

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