35 Captions For Best Friends On Valentine's Day Who Came To Slay

Valentine's Day is all about spreading the love. You're celebrating the amazing people in your life who have been by your side through thick and thin, which of course includes your best friend. Whether you head to a boozy brunch or plan a weekend road trip along the coast, there are so many ways for you to strengthen your bond. Here are some cute captions for best friends on Valentine's Day, because you're bound to take a billion pics.

You don't need a special day to show someone how much you love them, because you do it on the regular. But, it certainly doesn't hurt to plan a fun, special date with your main girl in honor of the occasion. How often do you get to spend quality time with your day one? School or work commitments tend to occupy your mind on the daily, so girl time is essential.

You know each other like the back of your hands, so consider planning something that you both love. Grab milkshakes at that special restaurant you've been eating at for years, or head to a concert venue to see your favorite artist live. You'll always remember the years you spent Valentine's Day with your best girl. So, go forth and take plenty of pictures!

1. "Friends who celebrate Valentine's Day together, stay together."

2. "Forever the PB to my J."

3. "Doughnut know what I'd do without you."

4. "Soulmates."

5. "Best friends make good times even better."

6. "Keep calm and love your best friend."

7. "Life is better when we're going through it together."

8. "No one will ever be as entertained by us as us."

9. "You're the only person who I let see me ugly cry."

10. "Let's #slay on Valentine's Day."

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11. "Yes, we are aware how obnoxious we are when we're together. No, we don't care."

12. "I've got hella heart eyes for you."

13. "The X to my O."

14. "Happy Valentine's Day to the only person who I can be a complete weirdo around."

15. "I laugh a little harder every time I'm with you."

16. "Thanks for putting up with me."

17. "You'll always have a piece of my candy heart."

18. "Love you to Reese's pieces."

19. "Here's to us."

20. "Two best friends on a Valentine's Day."

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21. "Happy Valentine's Day from your two favorite people."

22. "Xoxo, your partner in crime."

23. "Happy Valentine's to my best partner in crime."

24. "Friends don't let friends celebrate Valentine's Day alone."

25. "I got you, babe." — Sonny & Cher, "I Got You Babe"

26. "Besides chocolate, you’re my favorite."

27. "I'm only me when I'm with you." — Taylor Swift, "I'm Only Me When I'm With You"

28. "My true Valentine is my ride or die."

29. "Galentine's Day goals."

30. "You are gold, solid gold."


31. "No new friends." — DJ Khaled, "No New Friends"

32. "Causing mischief together since day one."

33. "My heart."

34. "If I can call you at 4 a.m., then you know you've got a piece of my heart."

35. "Let's eat chocolate and chill."