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34 Insta Captions For Pics Of Queer Couples That Show Your Love Your Way


Though it's hard to pin down my most favorite thing about being queer, embracing fluidity in all its forms is definitely at the top of my list. Whether one day I'm feeling super masculine and the next, I want to look like Cher, or I switch up what words I use to describe my identity. No matter what, queerness means embracing and celebrating every version of yourself, whoever that may be. Of course, when it comes to showing off your beautiful queer love, knowing some versatile Instagram captions for queer couple photos can really come in handy.

Some days, you may want to make a political statement with your relationship. Other days, you may just want to be a person in love. But every day, you get to choose how you show your love to the world and what words you use to describe it. Whether you and your boo live for a mirror selfie or you like to ask random people to take your picture (@ me), there's no wrong way to get the perfect shot.

And when you've found the perfect picture and added all the best filters, (Huji Cam or bust), here are 35 captions for your totally queer couples pic.

When you don't want to focus on your queerness.
  1. We Googled, "Cute couple's poses" and then copied this one.
  2. Thank you for demanding that we take this picture. I was grumpy at the time, but you were right. This was "the shot."
  3. [Partner's name] is my favorite accessory.
  4. We love prom!
  5. We're oat milk people now!
  6. Out on a school night!
  7. [Kiss emoji]
  8. We took a posed one, but [partner's name] looked cuter here.
  9. I love you so much that I'll post the one where you look cuter.
  10. Honestly, I just liked my outfit.
  11. [Partner's name] said my puffy sleeves make me look like a milkmaid and honestly, I'm touched.
  12. What '90s rom-com are we? Don't lie.
  13. How lucky am I?
  14. You're cool, I guess. (You're very cool.)
  15. We went to the fancy coffee place because we deserve it.
  16. I'm wearing [Partner's name thanks for asking.
  17. "I love you and I like you." — Leslie Knope
  18. I love posing for cheesy photos with you.
  19. We like to call this a "met, cute!"
When you want to celebrate your queerness.
  1. I love you so much that I can't even think straight.
  2. Let me be perfectly queer: They're taken.
  3. Sounds gay. We're in.
  4. I love you more than there are letters in LGBTQIA+.
  5. The best part of my queerness is "U."
  6. Homo is where the heart is.
  7. Love makes this house a homo.
  8. Stop asking if we're sisters/brothers/siblings/friends.
  9. Gender is a social construct, but our love is very real (and hot!).
  10. You make me gay, as in happy. And gay, as in, like, gay.
  11. Some gays are better than others, but being with you is timeless.
  12. Queerly, we're the cutest couple around.
  13. I want it that gay.
  14. If you think this picture is gay, wait until you see our holiday card.
  15. Our queerness doesn't define us, but it sure as heck inspires us.

Of course, no matter what your caption says, posting a sweet pic of you and your boo can be a great way to share your happiness with your friends and family. Whether you go for a joke or an earnest proclamation of your love, your beautiful queer relationship is sure to leave everyone speechless.