32 "This Or That" Questions That'll Tell You So Much About Your Partner

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Whether you and your partner have been together for five months or five years, there's almost always something new to learn about who they are as a person. Even if you think you know them better than anyone else, part of keeping a relationship exciting is continuously getting to know each other. If you're looking to get extra intimate during date-night or for a thought-provoking way to pass the time, "this or that" questions to ask your partner are going to come in handy.

Some of the following questions may seem simple, but the answers can help you learn a ton about your partner. You can glean how similar your tastes are, and learn about how their preferences came to be. You can ask about the experiences and memories that were instrumental to shaping their tastes, and how they've evolved in adulthood. All these little details come together to make up the fabric of who your partner is, and when you've got free time on your hands to just talk and get to know each other, you might as well make the most of it.

This Or That: Food

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1. Coffee or tea?

2. Sweet breakfast or savory breakfast?

3. Bacon or sausage?

4. Pancake or waffles?

5. Bagels or toast?

6. Wine or beer?

7. Cookies or chips?

8. Cake or ice cream?

This Or That: Entertainment

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9. Netflix or Hulu?

10. Instagram or Twitter?

11. Online shopping or shopping IRL?

12. Bath or shower?

13. Star Trek or Star Wars? (OGs or reboot?)

14. Rager or laidback party?

15. Action movies or rom-coms?

16. Podcasts or vlogs?

17. Slow sex or quickie?

18. Kinky or vanilla?

19. Books or audiobooks?

This Or That: Travel

20. Country side or city?

21. Mountains or oceans?

22. Flight or road-trip?

23. Camping or glamping?

24. Somewhere hot or somewhere cold?

This Or That: Priorities

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25. Mornings or evenings?

26. Kids or no kids?

27. Save money or spend it?

28. Cats or dogs?

29. Summer or fall?

30. Spring or winter?

31. Money or time?

32. Career or love?

From seasons to sex, to spending habits and core values, your partner's answers to these "this or that" questions have the potential to spark a deeper conversation.