Crowds of people gather around Cinderella's castle in Disneyland Paris on a sunny day.

These Captions For Disneyland Paris Will Make Your Park Pics So Magical

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Going to Paris requires packing a few essential items in your suitcase: a guidebook of the city, a good camera, and a pair of Mickey Mouse ears for when you check out Disneyland Paris. Going to this magical spot and getting swept off your feet by your favorite characters is a major must for every itinerary. And you should have some Instagram captions to use for Disneyland Paris in a note on your phone for the excursion, too.

After all, if you want to post an undeniably magical picture on your feed in real time, you don't want to also step aside from the fun and find the perfect caption for your selfie with Cinderella's castle. Instead, you want to hit the "share" button and continue on your merry way to the electric rides and whimsical shows you've been daydreaming about. You want to eat the Mickey-shaped snacks you encounter, like chocolatey popsicles and sweet macarons, without skipping a single beat.

It's not every day you're in Disneyland Paris, watching firework shows in the company of your best travel buds and cheering on the lively parades. Making the most of your time is essential, and jotting down some of the 32 captions for Disneyland Paris in advance will let you see, experience, and do everything.

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1. "Eiffel in love with Disneyland Paris today."

2. "Dear, Mickey. I hope our paths will croissant again."

3. "This might be our most magical adventure yet."

4. "I'm here for the croissants and castles."

5. "Now experiencing a happiness overload."

6. "Holy crêpe, there are Disney parks in Paris?"

7. "Took my love for everything Disney to Paris."

8. "There's nothing Minnie about my love for Disney."

9. "Life isn't perfect, but some trips are."

10. "Always finding the happiest places on Earth."

11. "Meet me at Cinderella's castle and then the Eiffel Tower."

12. "Bonjour, Disneyland Paris!"

13. "Going to Disneyland Paris is always a good idea."

14. "Let's cancel our plane tickets and stay in Disneyland Paris."

15. "I've never met a Disney park I didn't like."

16. "This trip is made of all sorts of magic."

17. "Mickey ears in my hair, don't care."

18. "Disneyland Paris? Don't mind if I do."

19. "Up in the clouds, on my way to Disneyland Paris."

20. "Doing this sweet thing called hanging out in Disneyland Paris."

21. "There's no time to be bored in a world filled with Disney parks like this."

22. "I haven't been to every Disney park, but they're all on my list."

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23. "This is my new happy place."

24. "All of my dreams are coming true."

25. "The more Disney parks on my travel repertoire, the merrier."

26. "Traded my passport for a FASTPASS in Disneyland Paris."

27. "How many times do I have to go to Disneyland Paris before I'm a regular?"

28. "Some excursions are worth waking up early and throwing on a pair of ears for."

29. "Thank u, next Disney park."

30. "These are the Disney-filled days we live for."

31. "Hanging out with Mickey and Minnie in Paris. How about you?"

32. "Greetings from Disneyland Paris."