A happy couple prepares dinner in a bright kitchen on Valentine's Day.

32 Captions For A Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner For Two

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It's time to reserve the best table at your favorite spot in town, because Valentine's Day will be here before you know it. A romantic candlelit dinner for two is always a sweet idea for couples, complete with wine, delicious food, and great conversation as you stare lovingly across the table from each other. The only thing that's not served on the menu are Instagram captions for Valentine's Day dinner pics — but that's where these come in.

Hello, and welcome to your Valentine’s Instagram menu. Peruse this list of 32 Valentine's Day quotes for as long as you want, and if you need anything else for the 'Gram, just holler. We’ve got a lovely array of hashtags and heart emojis ready and waiting.

All joking aside, though, captions are pretty important. You know you'll want to snap a cute picture of you and bae at dinner to remember your Valentine's Day together. It could be an adorable selfie, a sly snap of your SO looking cute AF when they aren't paying attention, or a recreation of the dinner scene from Lady and the Tramp. Whatever pic you go with, you'll want to keep these quotes and funny food puns around, so posting on Instagram later will be as easy as ordering dessert.

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1. "I love you s'more and s'more every day."

2. "Roses are red. Violets are blue. I love spending Valentine's Day on this dinner for two."

3. "Dinner is better when we eat together."

4. "Sometimes, the easiest way to say ‘I love you’ is ‘do you want some of my fries?’"

5. "This is the night, it's a beautiful night. And we call it bella notte." — Lady and the Tramp, "Bella Notte"

6. "I'm your biggest flan, Valentine."

7. "I love you pho real."

8. "Roses are red. Grass is green. Take me to Valentine's Day dinner or I'll make a scene."

9. "My favorite thing to make for dinner is reservations with you."

10. "Only gouda times with my Valentine."

11. "Forever sweet on this view."

12. "Only have pies for my Valentine."

13. "It’s hard for me to choose a restaurant, but it was so easy for me to choose you."

14. "This might sound cheesy, but I think my Valentine is really grate."

15. "I really carrot 'bout you, Valentine."


16. "I love you so forking much."

17. "Ways to my heart: 1. Buy me food 2. Make me food 3. Be food."

18. "You’re my lobster."Friends

19. "Every pizza me loves every pizza you."

20. "If we’ve got wine and dinner, technically, we’re winners."

21. “You had me at ‘yes, we’ll see the dessert menu.’"

22. "You're my butter half. Thanks for rolling with me on Valentine’s Day."

23. "The way I look at you is the way I look at the waiter when he’s bringing food to our table."

24. "The waiter asked me what I wanted, but I need a minute because I didn’t see you on the menu."

25. "This may be cheesy to say, but we're really gouda together."

26. "My dinners with you are always well done."

27. "My favorite meal is one spent with you.”

28. "I'm going to love the Valentine's Day plans I told you to make."

29. "I followed my heart, and it led me to dinner with you."

30. "'Cause I love you. Just the way you look tonight." — Frank Sinatra, "The Way You Look Tonight"

31. "Orange you glad to be my Valentine?"

32."Thanks for my dinner date, Cupid."

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