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32 Captions For Throwback Pics With Dad & Documenting The Sweetest Mems

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In the depths of your camera roll, you have sweet pictures you've taken with your dad during vacations, late-night ice cream runs, and weekend afternoons when he's maybe played guitar in your living room. Some of those pics you've posted on social media already to show your followers how incredible your dad or the dad figure in your life is. Others could be considered throwbacks and posted to your feed any day now, along with one of these Instagram captions for throwback pictures with your dad.

TBH, it's almost better to post those candids from your kitchen — where your dad may have roasted sweet potatoes with a little bit of butter and paprika on top, and made you laugh while sprinkling cheese over tortilla chips for his legendary nachos — long after they were captured. It gives you a chance to reminisce on the afternoons you spent listening to jams and driving around your hometown. When you least expect it, these pics let you walk down Nostalgia Lane and give you a reason to send a text to your dad something like, "Hey, do you remember this?"

It's almost guaranteed that he'll look at the faded Polaroid or grain-filled selfie and smile to himself. Just like you, he'll remember what it was like when you were little and wanted to build sandcastles on the beach and order pizza every single night. He appreciates the "throwbacks" and will likely love if you post them online. Here are 32 captions for those special kinds of pics with your dad that'll make you feel all the best feels.

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1. "Hanging with my dad in the good 'ole days."

2. "Some of my favorite memories are with my dad."

3. "Let's vow to never bring back these haircuts."

4. "Um, why did you let me wear this?"

5. "The coolest dad-daughter duo you'll ever see."

6. "This pic was taken in my 'pizza every night for dinner' phase."

7. "I just wanted to go wherever you went."

8. "I'm still your greatest sidekick."

9. "This is what I call unconditional love."

10. "On this day, a dad joke was born."

11. "We did it before there even was a 'Gram."

12. "Here for all the throwback pics with my dad."

13. "I like to call this one 'cuteness overload.'"

14. "Time flies when you're having fun, right?"

15. "Nacho your average dad and daughter."

16. "Love you long time."

17. "A family barbecue with a hint of awesome sauce."

18. "Probably waiting for the ice cream truck."

19. "Hugs, kisses, and vacation wishes."

20. "Good morning to my dad and my dad only."

21. "Things I'll always be grateful for: you."

22. "Sorry for rolling my eyes at your dad jokes."

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23. "Would rather be hanging out with my dad."

24. "Wait, hold on. Back it up."

25. "An oldie but goodie pic."

26. "You're pretty flippin' awesome."

27. "The world should have s'more dads like you."

28. "I wouldn't trade these moments for the world."

29. "What's up, dad?"

30. "Dad, you've always been like a father to me."

31. "I think that outfit's in style again."

32. "Best friends forever."

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