A young couple laughs in wedding attire after getting married in the desert.

32 Instagram Captions For Eloping That Are Sweet & Romantic To The Core

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Since day one, you and your SO might have dreamed about running off to a magical field of flowers or stunning coastline and getting eloped. That's because the traditional white weddings is just not your jam. You'd rather say, "I do," in each other's company and then travel the world. Getting married is special no matter where or how it happens. Just have some Instagram captions for eloping that are sweet and romantic ready to go in your phone.

Whether you hire a photographer to take pics of you kissing in the most beautiful places to elope in the U.S. or simply snap a few selfies on your phone, you're going to cherish the end result. You'll likely catch yourself lovingly looking at the posed photographs and watching the hilarious video clips, and remembering every detail of that special day. Don't be surprised if you tear up a little bit when you recall reciting your vows or standing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris with your love. Simply open your Instagram app and craft a post about getting married.

Write a paragraph about the person you love or how magical your life is together, or stick to a caption that's sweet, simple, and romantic to the core. Here are 32 that should definitely capture your love story and the moment you got married.

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1. "I think we should get married today."

2. "A white dress looks really good on you."

3. "Gone eloping. Be back soon."

4. "Nothing fancy, just love."

5. "Our love is totally my jam."

6. "Thanks to you, I believe in soulmates."

7. "I'd marry you anytime and anywhere."

8. "This might be our most romantic adventure yet."

9. "Being spontaneous was always our style."

10. "Eloped and so in love."

11. "Love as much as you live."

12. "A love like no other."

13. "Will I be yours? Always."

14. "Got married yesterday. Honeymoonin' today."

15. "I swear our love belongs in the movies."

16. "Do these rings make us look... married?"

17. "From what I can tell, I'm about to have an endless adventure with my favorite weirdo."

18. "Just eloped. How about you?"

19. "At the end of the day, it's all about who you want to ride off into the sunset with."

20. "Selfies are better when you just married your SO."

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21. "I've got all the heart eyes for my husband."

22. "Relationship status: married to my love."

23. "I like it when you say, 'I do.' It's cute."

24. "You will forever be my always."

25. "Getting eloped is always a good idea."

26. "My favorite picture of all time with my favorite person of all time."

27. "Every moment with you is like a fairytale."

28. "Hey, wanna get married?"

29. "Traveling the world and getting married."

30. "I wouldn't want to start our life together any other way."

31. "First comes love, then comes..."

32. "Eloping has a nice ring to it, huh?"