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32 Captions For Your Artsy Bar Setup On NYE & All The Bubbly Mems


Whether you're dressing up in the sparkliest dress you could find in the store or snuggling up on the couch with a glass of champagne and your SO, you're going to have a #lit New Year's Eve. When the clock strikes midnight and the world enters a new year, you'll share a toast and a post showing off your bar cart, bubbly bottles, or festive glasses. Do you need a few captions for your bar setup on New Year's Eve and those celebratory pics to come? Duh.

In fact, if you're 21 or over, you need some inspiration on what kind of snaps you can get of your rosé or how you can decorate your spread so it looks straight-up stunning. To get that inspo, you might scroll through a couple of articles on the Internet, noting the latest trends in party decor or giving instructions for DIY fortune cookies, or ask your BFFs for some ideas. You might run to the store for strands of silver garland and roam down the aisles with kazoos, balloons, and other accessories.

Then, you may spend an afternoon crafting with gold paint and glitter, and working the potential angles with your camera. You might capture a close-up of the star-shaped drink tags you made, or the chalkboard sign you created that reads, "Midnight made me do it." That way, on the night of Dec. 31, you're ready to celebrate and make a sweet bar setup post on the 'Gram. Here are 32 captions that are made for those bubbly memories.

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1. "Cheers to the new year."

2. "Cue the confetti and New Year's Eve pics."

3. "Having bunches of fun. How about you?"

4. "All about the red lips and festive sips."

5. "We're in celebration mode."

6. "It's a party over here."

7. "But I'll be cleaning up bottles with you." — Taylor Swift, "New Year's Day"

8. "Blame it on my juice." — Lizzo, "Juice"

9. "Do more thing that require glitter and glasses of champagne."

10. "The best Instagram post of the entire year, featuring my bar cart."

11. "But first, let's have some bubbly."

12. "The perfect bar setup doesn't exi-."

13. "The cutest bar cart you ever did see."

14. "It's beginning to look a lot like cocktails."

15. "Everything is lookin' pitcher-perfect."

16. "It's official. No bar setup has ever looked this good."

17. "Living life through rosé-colored glasses tonight."

18. "Has anyone seen my rosé glasses? Oh, there they are!"

19. "Move over, coffee. Today is a job for champagne."

20. "My new year's resolution is to celebrate more."

21. "Look, even our bottles are dressing up."

22. "I've never met a glass of champagne I didn't like."

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23. "Let's vow to never limit happy to just one hour."

24. "This is what New Year's Eve dreams are made of."

25. "Sparkly dress? Check. Adorable bar setup? Check."

26. "Glitter, fireworks, and glasses of champagne."

27. "My bar cart is calling, so I must go."

28. "Here comes the fun."

29. "Stop and smell the rosé."

30. "Merry everything and a happy always."

31. "New bar cart, who dis?"

32. "Those New Year's Eve vibes."