A group of happy friends, with two women smiling in the center, drink beer at a beer hall.

31 Beer Hall Captions For Your Pitcher-Perfect Moments


Picture a casual Friday night chilling with your friends, sipping your favorite brews, and swapping stories from your week that remind you, "TGIF." If that sounds like your kind of plan, you'll want to text your group chat ASAP for a squad hangout at your local beer hall. Getting your whole crew together is a special occasion that calls for a group pic. After you choose the best one, everyone can immediately post it on Instagram with any of these beer hall captions.

Heading to a beer hall is a great activity your entire crew can enjoy (if all of you are 21 or up). It's about socializing, playing board games and cornhole, trying new sips, and maybe even enjoying live music. Depending on the beer hall you end up at, there may be seasonal brews you can sip, in addition to cool beer flights.

Though, the best part of any Friday night hangout is spending quality time with your friends. So get a picture (and a pitcher), and the fun will be documented forever. Just use any of these 31 beer hall captions to post your snaps right away.

1. "Friday nights were made for drinking a beer with friends."

2. "Nothing compares to spending time with this brew."

3. "It's unbeerlievable how much love I have for this crew."

4. "What a pitcher-perfect moment."

5. "A pitcher is worth a thousand words."

6. "Life without these people would be unbeerable."


7. "To beer or not to beer. That is the question."

8. "Happy new beer to this brew I just ordered."

9. "If you've got beers, say cheers."

10. "We've got tons of hoptimism."

11. "My favorite song is Mmmhops."

12. "Hip hip hooray. It's time for an IPA."

13. "Having a mugnificent time at the beer hall."

14. "We've decided that since beer is made from hops, and hops are a plant, that means beer is a salad."

15. "Couldn't decide on one brew, so I booked a flight."

16. "Brew can do it."


17. "Everything I brew, I brew it for you."

18. "Don't stop beer-lievin'."

19. "This is our version of a craft night."

20. "Beer hall again next Friday?"

21. "Love and friends are ale we need."

22. "Spending time with friends and beer are very similar. Chill for best results."

23. "Spending time with friends always makes me hoppy."

24. "Don't you wish you were beer with us?"

25. "Just wanted to remember the perfect moment of chilling with my friends and drinking good beer."

26. "Decided to catch a last-minute flight of beer."

27. "Beer just tastes better when it's sipped with friends."

28. "Felt cute, might order a beer later."

29. "Hello? Is it beer you're looking for?"

30. "Beer brings all the friends to the hall."

31. "Best friends + beer hall = me very hoppy."