A woman holds a little kitten in her arms and smiles while she looks down.

30 Captions From Your Kitten's Point Of View That Are The Cat's Meow


If there's one thing the world needs more of, it's photos of kittens on Instagram. The reason is quite simple: They're cute, adorable, and automatically put you in a better mood. So if you have a sweet kitten in your life, it's your duty to post pics of your fluffy friend on Insta, and pair them with some kitten point of view captions.

Why point of view captions? Well, you could go with a cute cat pun like, "You've got to be kitten me right meow," but there's an extra bit of adorableness you get when you read a caption you think a kitten typed. Also, as a brand new floof to the world, a kitten has a lot on their mind. Of course, they could be thinking about nap time, where they want to explore next, and all the dreams they have of becoming a fierce adult cat, because we know they are the boss.

There's so much your little kitten could be thinking of, but if you're still unsure of what to type, just use any of these 30 kitten point of view captions. If anything, having these captions ready to use will come in handy, so you can plug one in right away and get back to playing with your fluffy friend ASAP.


1. "If the keyboard's not for sitting, then why is it so warm?"

2. "Look, I fit inside your purse. Take me with you."

3. "Is it time for you to fill my bowl with food again? That's my favorite time of day."

4. "OK, I'm ready now for you to pet me."

5. "Are you in control of that red dot? It's very annoying. I just want to catch it."

6. "Where are you getting all these toys, and can you get more?"

7. "What was that noise? I'm too scared to go check it out."

8. "If I stay very still, you can't see me under the bed."

9. "Everything the light touches is for me to take a nap on."

10. "I live for the 'aww's."

11. "Sometimes, you just got to lay on the floor."

12. "Here's your daily dose of cuteness. Now I'm going to run around the apartment like I've just seen a ghost."

13. "Did I hear a bag open? Are those treats for me?"

14. "I just wanted to see how high I can climb. Aren't you proud of me?"

15. "Oh, I must have misunderstood. I thought you said the whole bed was mine."


16. "I'm very good at taking naps. It's a skill."

17. "If you leave your clothes on the floor, they become my new bed."

18. "Pet me! OK, now stop."

19. "I heard a can opening, so I ran as fast I can to check it out."

20. "If there's a box around, I'm going to sit in it."

21. "I may be small, but I can jump high."

22. "You like my fur? Thanks, so do I."

23. "I may be tiny, but I've got a lot of attitude."

24. "Am I allowed to sit at the table, too?"

25. "Wow, looks like it's time for me to take another nap."

26. "Where do you keep the food? You can trust me."

27. "Wake up, it's time for my breakfast."

28. "You can look at my belly, but please don't touch."

29. "I like the string with the feathers the best."

30. "My meow may be small now, but just wait until I get older."