A blonde woman cuddles with her French bulldog.

35 Captions From Your Puppy's Point Of View That'll Fetch You Major Likes


You love your fur baby so much, that you can not only read their mind, but you created an Instagram account dedicated solely to their cuteness, too. Snapping pictures of your little fluff ball is the easy part. (You probably already have a million taking up the storage space in your phone.) It's the caption that's difficult to come up with, which is why you should go with something cute and clever, like any of these puppy point of view captions.

It's so much sweeter when you think a caption was written by a pup. Your friends can just imagine your puppy's cute little paws typing away as they read them. It also helps with picking out the right caption, because you just need to go with whatever one matches what they might be thinking in that given moment in time.

Plus, all the hard work has been taken care of for you. Here are 35 puppy point of view captions that are ready to make a pawsitively adorable statement on your fur baby's Insta feed. That way, you can spend more time playing fetch, snuggling, and going on walks with your pup while all the likes start rolling in.


1. "Who's a good boy? Well, I'm a good boy."

2. "I waited all day for you to come home."

3. "Can you throw the ball, please? I brought it over just for you."

4. "I smell food. Do you smell food?"

5. "I like it when you scratch right behind my ear."

6. "Squirrel!" — Up

7. "I like long walks in the park."

8. "I know I just ate, but I'm hungry again."

9. "Is it OK if I sit right here on top of you?"

10. "I heard a noise, so I'm barking to let you know that."

11. "Every time I bark, it's just to let you know I love you."

12. "Throw me a frickin' bone." — Austin Powers

13. "I figured out that if I look real cute next to the dinner table, my humans will give me extra treats."

14. "I think my human is pretty cool."

15. "You like my fluff?"

16. "Felt cute. Might chew on a toy later."

17. "I think my human's favorite song is 'No Diggity,' because they say it a lot."

18. "That's the spot, right there."


19. "Will you please rub my belly NOW?"

20. "I'm the reason they say 'the snuggle is real.'"

21. "Excuse me, can you wake up? I would like to go outside and play."

22. "Food is my favorite. Do you have food on you?"

23. "If I lick you, it means I like you."

24. "My dream is to be a lap dog."

25. "If you don't want me chewing your shoes, you shouldn't buy tasty ones. Just sayin'."

26. "My favorite time of day is when we go on walks together."

27. "I feel the need to sniff everything."

28. "I may be a small pup, but you don't intimidate me."

29. "I would very much like some bacon right now. Please and thank you."

30. "If you need some emotional support, I'm right here."

31. "Why do you keep throwing the ball when I bring it to you? It's for you."

32. "I feel like the coolest kid in the dog park."

33. "I only wear this sweater because it makes you happy."

34. "I'm sorry, did you want to sit on the couch too?"

35. "I can run really fast when I hear the kibble being poured."