30 Instagram Comments To Leave For Your Little Sister To Send Her All The Love

The day your little sister was born was basically the day you were given a BFF for life, and you proudly embraced the role of big sis. Your duties have included going on adventures together, showing her the ropes, being an excellent role model, and of course, hyping her up whenever possible. Nowadays, you can cheer her on by sharing the love on all her social media accounts. Though, it's not enough to just like every Insta pic you see. You have to hype her up to the max, which is why you need Instagram comments to leave for your little sister.

You could go on and on about how much you love your sister, but no one really has the time to read a novel in their Instagram comments. Instead, you need something short, sweet, and to the point. That can be hard to write when you have so many things you want to say. That's why it's helpful to keep these 30 cute comments handy, so you can use them whenever she posts a fire selfie or OOTD mirror pic.

As a big sis, you know how much your little sister looks up to you. I know that a comment from my sister is worth a million comments, so you'll really be making her day. Next time you see a new post from your little sis, you know exactly what to do. Now, you're totally equipped with just the right tools.

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For the #fire selfies she posts:

1. "How did my little sister get so much better at selfies than me?"

2. "That lip color is [fire emoji], can I please borrow it ASAP?"

3. "Excuse me, sis... are you trying to break Insta with this gorgeous selfie?"

4. "Slaying the Insta game must be in the genes."

5. "My little sis is the cutest. Enough said."

6. "I knew we had good genes, but dang this selfie confirms it."

7. "Just so everyone who's commenting knows, this is my little sis and I'm proud AF."

8. "My lil is serving ALL the looks."

9. "I always think, 'this is my fave selfie you post,' but then, you post another one I love."

10. "I'm sorry, but isn't my sister the cutest or what?"

For every OOTD pic:

11. "I'm going to steal this outfit from your closet."

12. "We need to go shopping together ASAP."

13. "The most stylish member of the family right here."

14. "I know I'm older, but you're my fashion role model."

15. "One word: stunning!"

16. "Copying this look, because it's fire."

17. "Ugh, why didn't you have these clothes for me to steal when we were kids?"

18. "You look adorable, but what's new?"

19. "I can't get over how cute this outfit is."

20. "You get all the good jeans... see what I did there?"

For her plandid adventure snaps:

21. "Why aren't we hanging out rn?"

22. "I'm the oldest, but you're the coolest. How did that happen?"

23. "You make everything look so fun!"

24. "Let's do this next time we hang out."

25. "There's the Mary-Kate to my Ashley."

26. "You are hands-down my favorite person in the entire universe."

27. "Ugh, this pic just makes me miss you even more."

28. "Warning: This pic is too cute to handle."

29. "I wish there were a way for me to like this picture even more."

30. "I'm so glad I get to call you my best friend and sister. [heart emojis]"